Mets Rise Dooms Yankee Empire, Giants Ain’t That Good

Yankees In Ruin, Giants Overrated?

FLUSHING, NY – There’s been a ton of bullsh*t being bandied about re Carlos Correa, the Mets, Yankees and NFL Playoffs’ hopes for Giants fans… and Vikings fans?! Let’s get to it: Mets Rise Dooms Yankee Empire, Giants Ain’t That Good

Mets Rise Dooms Yankee Empire

Welcome to NYC’s new epicenter. That’s right, the borough of Queens. Flushing, Queens, to be precise. For those of you out there that may have been stranded on some desolate island with nothing on it (like Staten Island) you have missed the boat. Literally and figuratively. See, the Yankees ship has sailed. But let’s get away from the nautical theme and get to the point. That point, Ladies and Germs, is that Steven A. Cohen is not only in the process of transforming the New York Mets into a world power, he’s also hellbent on transitioning the area that surrounds Citi Field Shea Park into the new Montecarlo. We’re talking glorious hotels, condos, restaurants and a spectacular waterfront casino… the likes in which future James Bond movies will take place.

What does this glamorous plan hold for the Mets and Yankees?

Glad you asked. It’s something that the evil me (is there any other?) has been rubbing his hands together, plotting, for decades about; The Fall of The Yankee Empire. The novella will be hitting the internet soon. The rise of Flushing will come at the expense of the Bronx. And that word, expense, will be smack dab in the middle of it. Yes, for it is now the Mets with the take-no-prisoners owner. The new George Steinbrenner, but with much more wealth. He doesn’t build ships for a living like The Boss did. He builds bank accounts. He prints money. And his casino will just make him richer and richer and richer. Passing on damaged goods, like Jacob deGreed and Carlos Correa is savvy business. Moreover, while I can’t confirm that Cohen will be buying the Yankees and demoting them to Triple A just yet, rumor is that it is in the works.

Indeed, the Yankees ruin will be complete. Aaron Judge, a nice man, will be the last one standing. With his tattered clothes and bruised/bloodied body kneeling on the banks of the Harlem River, he will look to the skies and gods yelling, “Damn you, damn you all to hell.”

And those Mets maniacs will revel in this Bronx bombing, as the Yanks fade from memory and the Amazins win one World Series to the next.

Now here’s Bob with NFL Playoffs stuff.

Giants Ain’t That Good

It’s crazy but there is a significant number of Minnesota Vikings fans here in NYC. Right here in Mattville, for instance, we have Angry Ward, JG Clancy, CNC63 and Ed Kranemule. On WFAN, the morning guy next to Boomer Esiason, Gregg Gianotti, is a Vikes fan that has already bet on the Giants to win. Here’s the thing: the New York Football Giants are now officially in an above-their-pay grade position. They have, basically, overachieved this year. In fact, they went 2-5-1 in their last 8 games. How in blazes are they expected to beat a team with 13 wins? In Minnesota?! My heart wants to believe they can win. My head says that won’t. The Giants ain’t that good… yet. But crazier things have happened.


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