Same Ol’ Cowboys, Eagles Plucked, NFL Coaching Carousel Update

HOLBROOK,NY – The snow just keeps coming down. As Short Matt said yesterday, let’s talk some sports before we get snowed under. Here’s the slate: Same Ol’ Cowboys, Eagles Plucked , NFL Coaching Carousel Update

Same Ol’ Cowboys

On Sunday night the world got to see one of life’s simple pleasures: the Dallas Cowboys getting absolutely embarrassed on National TV. The Packers did the honors this time. The Boyz from Dallas were the #2 seed in the NFC and had just won the NFC East championship. Expectations were (once again) a Super Bowl or bust. However, Big D didn’t even seem interested in playing their way to the “Big Game.” Dak Prescott looked bizarrely confused, as did star WR CeeDee Lamb. The cameras showed both Lamb and Prescott both visibly confused as to what plays were being called. How on Earth can you not be locked in when your team is trying to win a championship? 

Eagles Plucked

As many of you know, I will NEVER pass up a chance to bash the City of Brotherly Love. The Birds started the season 10-1 sith some big time wins over the Chiefs, Bills and Cowboys but then something strange happened… The 49ers went to Philly and with one Game insured that Jalen Hurts & Co would not be representing the NFC in the Super bowl. Heck, teams lose games. It’s the NFL! But it seemed as if Frisco zapped Philly’s identity. Snce that game, the Eagles have lost to the lowly Cardinals and the dysfunctional Giants. Star WR AJ Brown did not play due to injury, but after such a gutless performance, I’m not sure it would have mattered if Brown had suited up or not. 

NFL Coaching Carousel Update

It has been one week since Black Monday, and there have been some questionable coaching changes since then. Bill Belichick booted by the Pats and replaced by Jerod Mayo. Mayo was a part of the New England dynasties as an All Pro linebacker for the them. I thought they would go a different route and hire former Super Bowl champion and canned Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. Vrabel did a fantastic job in Tennessee with some less-than-inspiring components.

The aforementioned Cowboys have given Mike McCarthy a vote of confidence, as he will return next season. I have no idea what Jerry Jones was thinking. You have a chance to land a Hall of Fame coach like Belichick – or a great leader like Vrabel – and you stick with McCarthy?

Jackson Sternberg

While we are on the topic of upgrading, the Atlanta Falcons, who have moved on from Arthur Smith, have completed interviews with Jim Harbaugh and Booted Bill. Atlanta have some very talented position players, such as Bijan Robinson, Drake London and Kyle Pitts. But they lack a franchise QB and I don’t think Belichick would go to a place without a real QB at this point in his career. 

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