Who Will Start for Yanks Wednesday. deGrom and NY Rangers Stuff, too!

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JG Clancy, Vice-Adjunct for Non-Bay Area Athletics Fans asks: Who Will Start for Yanks Wednesday?

THE BRONX, NY – As the New York Baseball Yankees get ready to take on JG Clancy’s Oakland Athletics in the American League Wild Card game, the big question still looming over all of Yankeedom is… Who the hell will start that Wild Card game?  Luis Severino has not been the ace he was billed as lately. He’s been nowhere near what he was during the first half of the season. Severino has been better of late but he’s not a lock to start the biggest game of the season. Before yesterday’s drubbing of the Rays, the Yankees named Luis Severino the starter for Sunday’s tilt with Boston, which means he is officially out of the running to start the Wild Card game.

“Sure, nobody on Meet The Matts seems to care, but at least you do, pal! What’s your name again?”

Masahiro Tanaka is the next in line. But based on his performance in Tampa Wednesday night, and against the Red Sox last week, he’s no sure thing either. Tanaka has had a better second half than Severino and up until a couple of weeks ago, he looked like a sure thing to start the Wild Card game. Now it appears he’ll get some extra rest before a possible encounter with the Sox in the ALDS. Of course, if the Yankees can’t get past the A’s, Tanaka will have months to rest. Masahiro gave up four runs in 4+ innings Wednesday night and had a brutal throwing error in the first inning after being spotted a 3-run lead. The Yanks went on to lose 8-7 Wednesday, but bounced back yesterday to thrash the Rays 12-1.

The next in line and most likely starter for the Wild Card game is JA Happ. Happ will start tonight in Boston and looks set to start Wednesday against Oakland. Happ has been the Bombers’ most consistent starter since joining the team in July. He held the A’s to one run over six innings in Oakland earlier this month.

The Yankees hold a 2-game lead over the Athletics for home-field advantage in the Wild Card game. Just a couple of months ago, the Yankees led the A’s  by double digits. Now the Yankees will need to win at least one game at Fenway this weekend to ensure Wednesday’s do-or-die game is played in the Bronx. The A’s have an easier-looking series in Anaheim against an Angels team that are just playing out the schedule. Should things go poorly for the Yankees this weekend and the A’s sweep the Halos, then the Bombers will have to make the long, uncomfortable flight to Oakland for Wednesday’s game. And should they win, they’d have to make the return trip and open the ALDS in Boston. The Yanks hold the tiebreaker over the A’s so one win will suffice for the Bombers. We’ll see what happens this weekend.

We’re also knee-deep into the NHL preseason and a young Rangers team look set to lose a lot of games this year. They should be entertaining though. I’m looking forward to watching the Blueshirts and hoping they lose enough games to have good odds in the Draft Lottery. I’m also hoping Kevin Hayes has a great first half so the Rangers can trade him for a high draft pick. There’s a lot of things to look forward to in Rangerstown. and for the first time in awhile, playoff hockey is not one of them.

That’s it for me today. Come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber.

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