Sports Trivia Fibbing vs Smart Phones

Marilyn_Monroe baseball Meet_The_Matts
Apparently she could hit.

NEW YORK, NY – When it comes to Sports Trivia, for many of us here – including yours truly (aka Short Matt) – the advent of smart phones, Google and Wikipedia, the skill of convincing people you are a Sports Expert has taken a severe hit. We honed the art of “lying with conviction” in becoming the go-to-guys for any Sports Trivia question. Here’s an example of a typical “win” for us:

NUMB-NUTS: Hey, you know sports. What did John Stearns hit in 1978?
US: Easy. .276. Oh wait, that was ’79. In ’78 he hit .267 with 12 homers. Mike Phillips was the one that hit .276. I have his card.

All lies, but when done with conviction – it establishes credibility. Just like in our nation’s capital and Capitol.

Yet we digress… Here are some nuggets to actually remember. Just organically (force it) bring these topics up in conversation and then “educate” your listeners. Always follow with, “Google it.”

Larry Lewis: In 1969, Larry Lewis ran the 100-yard dash in 17.8 seconds. While that would still be better than 99% of Mattville, it’s slow-poke speed for a sprinter. Was it because he was white – as folks like Al Campanis or Jimmy The Greek might infer? Perhaps. We think not. We think it had to to do with him being 101 years old. 101. Not a misprint. Now get off your fat ass and at least go for a “speed-walk.”

Richie Asburn: Now here’s a guy we’d head into an Alley [Ahsburn’s} with! Big personality, beloved in Philly – which is no small task – and a Hall of Fame player. But don’t get on his bad side, because then things might run… afoul. At least that was the case when Ragin’ Richie broke a fan’s nose with a foul ball. Then, when she was being stretchered off, he hit her with another foul. We smell foul play. Ba. Doom. Cha.

Green Bay Packers
No dirty cracks!

Super Bowl Cheerleaders: What’s not to love?! Goodness gracious, they are smart, articulate and get  fans rooting for their team! Just good, clean, American fun! None of the “sex sells” nonsense. So, no Super Bowl has ever gone “Cheerleaderless” right? Wrong. The relatively recent match-up of the Steelers and Green Bay (XVL in 2010) was just that. Neither team has cheerleaders. “No Broads Allowed” signs were NOT seen in the locker-rooms and please – no “fudge” comments about the Packers.

JG_Clancy Elf Meet_The_Matts
JG Clancy

Vin Scully: The iconic, smooth-as-silk chunk of Americana got suspended! Okay, so it was his first season in 1957, but it still is pretty shocking. Why did the silver-tongued one get in hot [stolen/processed/nearly undrinkable Los Angles] water? Because when a player hit a bomb he said, “He hit that like it was Marilyn Monroe! P.s… How many of you thought/think his name is Vince.

Year’s Worst Days: There are just two days a year that have ZERO professional sports: The day before the MLB All-Star Game and the one following it. That will likely change with this, JG Clancy be damned.

John Stearns
@Angry_Ward Mariners?! Say it ain’t so, Dude!

NBA Gypsies: Despite it’s sharing the wealth among its teams and supporting the small market citites, only 2 NBA teams have never moved or folded since their inception… And one sucks. Ready for the answer? Okay. The Boston Celtics and New York Knickerbockers. That is at least some consolation for Nick Erbocker.

And here’s one more…

Wrigley Field: Ever wonder why the best venue in sports didn’t have lights for the longest time – until 1988? Was it an ordinance? Was it to keep a tie with the past? Were the owners just cheap? While the latter two may have some credence, the real reason is tres cool: Owner P.K. Wrigley donated the original lights to the war effort in the 1940s.

Comment/lie below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and come back tomorrow for a man whose lights went out long ago, Junoir Blaber.

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