Biggest Busts of 2016 in Sports: Bryce, Harvey, Revis, Rex plus…

Revis to showers after 2 innings of 6-run ball.

NEW YORK, NY – As Angry Ward so aptly put it the other day in his “The Worst of 2016 in Sports,” this is the time of year pundits get off easy by coming up with some kind of “list” for their obligated columns or talk shows. And if it’s okay for Angry Ward, it’s okay for the rest of us. With that, here are our Biggest Busts of 2016 in Sports:

The New York Jets: Really, they are a bust from the top down but the Big Three on this perpetually putrid posse are: Todd Bowles, Darrelle Revis and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Todd Bowles: Granted, like his predecessor he was cursed from the get-go with no QB. Imagine having Mike Pelfrey or Steve Trachsel as your only choices to pitch a Game 7 in the World Series. Geno, Bryce or Fitzy? Oof. The douche-chills are just overwhelming. But he is as much a Head Coach in the National Football League as Rich Kotite was.

Darrelle Revis: What caught the eye this campaign was when Revis admitted on WFAN that he really wasn’t as good anymore; that he was slower because he was older. This stunning in its very public acknowledgement and tantamount to Ike Davis (cited below as well) admitting he couldn’t hit a curveball unless he knew it was coming. Hey Darrelle, that kind of admission should be made AFTER the season. Not on NYC sports radio as your squad is still pumped for the season and relying on you to shut down opposing receivers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: As a Harvard grad, he’s no dumb-dumb and he certainly proved smarter than the entire Jets organization by bilking them for a king’s ransom to play his way to the bench, behind someone that is Petty. Do you remember who said he was poop, folks? Here’s a hint: it was the same guy that said Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith and Ike Davis all were poop… Still not sure? Here’s another hint: It was me. You can look it up on this very site.

Three huge busts, which leads us to.

Jesus Montero’s Girlfriend: What’s that you say? She’s no longer his girlfriend? And that’s NOT the kind of bust we’re talking about here! Okay, you’re right. But you’re also likely happy that we gratuitously did squeeze [ahem] here in here, aren’t you?

Speaking of boobs

Rex Ryan: We’re not talking about his bust – or moobs. We’re talking about him just completely tanking in our beloved, beleaguered Buffalo. And now he’s getting caught up in double-speak in press conferences with salt-of-the-Earth Bills beat writers. Talk about awkward, watch this:

Matt Harvey: There was such hope. Such hype. Such #hashtagging on the web. And all of it made Mets fans happy. The Dark Knight was back after a scintillating World Series performance that Terry Collins completely undermined. And all of that good stuff began to unravel with each start. Now, after yet another arm surgery, the Dark Knight is more like Adam West’s version than Christian Bale’s. Batman was a bust.

David Wright: Please refer to this piece, where we get into Captain Wright’s plight in more detail. Bottom line, though? He’s a bust, as painful as that is to say.

Alex Rodriguez: The Man We Detest More Than Any Other In Sports came back from exile and had a good year. He then followed that up with a stinker that finally got him cut. But he’s being forced upon us as though we all misbehaved and as punishment, have to watch him on TV.  But without question, this foul human being was the Most Expensive Bust, adding to his claim on the Dubious Superlatives List.

“That call is going to get me on the Biggest Busts list!?

And last but not least…

Bryce Harper: How can a guy that hit .330 with 42 HRs and 99 RBI be on a Bust List? Easy. Those numbers were from 2015. And after starting the 2016 campaign like he was a member of The Gas House Gorillas, his season’s numbers were .246, 24 HRs and 86 RBI. Bust. The Biggest.

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