Big Ben Tuesday – NY Sports Quick Hitters: Knicks, Jets, Giants, Yankees, Mets, Rangers

Which one of these two does not belong?

WHY NOT, NC – What a great NCAA Final! Just kidding. You didn’t think I was going to stay up that late for this column, did you? Not when the Hot Takes approach by DJ Eberle has always appealed to my ADDled brain. I can just make a few bad jokes about the last few things I saw on Sportscenter instead of actually trying to analyze something. But I don’t want to rip him off, so let’s call it New York Sports Quick Hitters.

Ok, this team was pretty good.

Georgetown hired former Knicks’ great Patrick Ewing as their head coach on Monday. Ewing has always struck me as the perfect guy to keep you company in a strip club, not as a head coach. But he’s been an NBA assistant for a long time, so he must be capable. He’s definitely well versed on all the ways to not win a championship.

Speaking of the Knicks, Derrick Rose’s season is over – an abrupt end for the leader of the “super team.” Calling the Knicks one of two super teams along with Golden State was one of the biggest exaggerations of 2016. He might as well have said he can take out ISIS in 30 days. Or that he will get health care for the entire country for practically nothing. I’ll stop.

Which one does not belong?

The Josh McCown signing points to a “tank” year and I don’t expect them to draft a QB. The Jets probably don’t want to use four roster spots on QBs again. I think they’ll try to line things up for 2018, which is expected to be a big draft for QBs. Headlining that group is USC’s Sam Darnold, and there’s already a “Suck for Sam” campaign. Since when have the Jets needed a reason to suck?

The Giants are looking hard at Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes as the potential successor to Eli Manning. MTM sources (the internet) say that they would have to take him with their first pick at number 23 if they want him. Taking a developmental QB in the first round when you have a chance to contend doesn’t seem like a wise move. But I guess it worked with some guy named Aaron Rodgers. The Giants are really bad at hiding their draft intentions. Last year the Titans and Bears jumped in front of them and took the guys they wanted. I bet Jerry Reese is a really bad poker player.

Should the Jets “Suck for Sam?”

The Rangers finally won a home game and got to 100 points, but there are danger signs. Henrik Lundqvist has looked rusty since returning, they almost blew a three goal lead in the third, the defense is suspect, and they’re about to run into a scorching team in the first round for the second year in a row. The Montréal Canadiens are a balanced, physical team playing well, with a top goaltender. The Rangers might only last one round longer than the soon to be eliminated Islanders. But it’s still a better path than going through the buzzsaw Metropolitan Division of Washington, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. If the Rangers can get by the Canadiens, they could make some noise.

Mashiro Tanaka’s annual crappy opening day outing aside, I’m sad to say that I think the Mets will be better than the Yanks this season. The Yanks will win about 85 games with hitting and a strong bullpen but I don’t see them winning 90 with that rotation. They’re baking something, but it needs more time in the oven.

#Mets rotation not lacking in depth or dreaminess.

The Mets offense has some holes and their pieces don’t quite fit together defensively, but man that rotation is strong. Noah Syndergaard got it rolling on Monday with six shutout innings. If they stay healthy, they should easily contend for at least a wildcard. The Nationals have some questions and the Mets should push them for the division. But if anyone ever asks, I never doubted the Yankees.

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