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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Meet_The_Matts
Slow sports day? Just add an Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

MARLBORO, NY – It’s the beginning of August, so that means one thing and one thing only… sports sucks! Little League World Series games can’t get here fast enough for myself and the portion of New York baseball fans who root for the pathetic bunch from Queens. As a matter of fact, the summer has sucked so far, too. Even with the start of NFL exhibition games, there’s really nothing to report on so I’m coming in well under five hundred words today and only hope You Suck is kind enough to reiterate the depressive sports state we are under.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Meet_The_Matts
Slow sports day? Just add an Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Yeah, I can go on and on about this year’s crop of NFL Hall Of Fame enshrines and how all of them were class acts on and off the field except for Jerry Jones but won’t do it. Why? Because football is on it’s way to sucking the big one as far as I’m concerned. Commissioner Roger Goodell annoys me. Everything about the NFL is now a major production from Lombardi Trophy presentations to a three day rookie draft to schedule release coverage to countdown to free agency and on, and on, and on.  Overkill is a by-product of professional sports leagues having their own television networks but NFL reporting is usually first and foremost on sports channels everywhere.

Cowboys Fan

Wanna watch the nationally televised night games? Get ready for a steady stream of play stoppages highlighted by one commercial after another. YAWN. There is very little flow to a game these days and even more so during prime-time games. No, don’t try to cheer me up. I mean, I’m my own worst enemy. Although the last few seasons pro football affords me the opportunity to hang out, stuff my face with food, take some pain “medicine,” drink alcohol, and watch the Red Zone with friends. The Red Zone is a life saver and if you don’t have the channel as part of your television package, you really need to get it if you are beginning to sound like the curmudgeon I have turned into. Without the Red Zone, football would suck, also.

The Yankees are great in this town because every other team sucks.  The Jets suck and the Giants suck less.  The Knicks and Nets bring sucking to a whole new level.  The Rangers remain a city bright spot but in a sport most people say, sucks.  Two more months until the hockey season starts and I just don’t know if I’ll make it to then because, you guessed it, life sucks!

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