NY Mets Mickey Mouse Management Plops Poop on Terry Collins, Fans

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Can you name us?

FLUSHING, NY – The part of Queens that the team calls home says it all. Flushing. And the terlet (as the locals say) tank can’t fill up fast enough to flush the piling poop plopped down our collective stoop. The NY Mets have done it again. They gone and made what would have been a non-issue molehill into a mountain-sized media mishap. “A Mickey Mouse operation,” is what The Great One, Wayne Gretzky would say about the Wilpon/Sandy Alderson administration. And he’d be right. Just ask the  Tom Coughlin of MLB coaches, Terry Collins – as pointed out first by Peter Botte of The Daily News.

See, the meek Mets management team didn’t want to say that Skipper Collins will not be coming back. They likely thought that kind of announcement might tick off the 18 of us still following the club. They want Terry to retire. Thing is, Collins didn’t get that memo and now that he’s been thrown under the bus by the dirty triumvirate of Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon and GM Sandy Alderson, his final days at Shea Citi Field will basically suck. As if the dogsh!t personnel he’s been handed by Anderson & Co didn’t make things suck enough for him already.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a rallying cry for Terry Collins to get an extension. We’ve said all along that while he’s a very nice man, he’s not up to being Manager of a big-market Major League team. In New York he’d be a perfect bench coach/Don Zimmer for a guy like Wally Backman, another victim of Wilpon/Alderson douche-baggery. But Wally’s gone, so you can flush that scenario down the terlet. But regardless of Collins’ shortcomings as Manager – like his handling of Jeurys Familia in the World Series –  he deserves some respect. He’s been as honest and open as any human being could be, night in and night out, at mind-numbing press conferences following one stench-ridden loss and absurd injury after the next. God help his successor. Being a Mets manager under this regime is tantamount to being a Jets wide receiver.

And he gets this.


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