My Birthday Wishes For My Favorite Teams: Knicks, Yankees, Eagles

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SPANISH HARLEM– Just like every athlete, I want to thank the man upstairs for all that I have. Been blessed in ways that’s hard to ignore. That said, I really didn’t have anything to write about because the New York Yankees stink and the Knicks are rebuilding until further notice. All due respect to Angry Ward, it’s my birthday I need my wishes. My girlfriend Jennifer – who is awesome by the way – gave me this great idea: My Birthday Wishes For My Favorite Teams. I told you she was awesome, right?

Before the season started, this team was the one to watch. They traded for Giancarlo Stanton and every fan expected a special year. Well, that’s not exactly how things have played out so far. The pitching is terrible and the offense has not played to expectations. Aaron Boone is different and this team doesn’t feel whole yet. There is much to improve upon. My wish is that these Yanks finally find their stride, relax a little bit and win the games they should win. There is no reason in the world to lose to a Marlins team that basically tanking – but that’s baseball for you. You have to want more IT than the next guy, the next team… and they don’t have that mentality. I wrote an article last week thinking that they would be fired-up but I was wrong and now they are looking up at the standings. Nothing is given to you. Earn it and people will pay attention. Hopefully, this is a moment we look back on and laugh but until then enjoy me complaining.

I hope and wish that this team finds the right coach. I’m tired of the organizational carousel of coaches. It’s not surprising that the best teams in the league have also the best coaches to dictate the game when the players are on the court. No offense to Jeff Hornacek but he wasn’t the guy this team needed, he was a head coach in every sense of the word but yet it seems he didn’t lead this team. My Wish is that we get the best person that makes this team what it needs to be. Guess who my pick is… Jerry Stackhouse. Sign him today and thank me later.

Happy Birthday, Buddy, from Management!

I can’t tell you enough how much I love Nick Foles for what he did… he won us a Super Bowl and beat Tom Brady on top of that. Truly amazing… I was the happiest person in the world. My wish is that Carson Wentz comes back and never misses a beat. Wentz provided the foundation for the team last season and allowed the higher ups to see what this team could be. Howie Roseman built this team around Carson and signed Foles to be his back-up, knowing full well how important the quarterback position is. Today we have two legit guys that can win in the NFL, that’s not easy and a special shout out to him. Carson if you can hear me…. take your time, we need you to be at your best. To the EAGLES, Super Bowl Champions… Thank you for the best birthday wish ever!

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