Knicks Drafting Third, NBA Combine and The Jets Being The Jets

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – So, late Friday night, I realized I had a column due and… [cue record scratch sound] Hold up! Apparently, despite having more tenure than The Dude and Ben Whitney, I get the DJ Eberle treatment. Apparently a bit of banter re why my posts are sometimes tardy is not welcome! Well, they can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. But let’s just get into it and skip the introductory paragraph, as they are so tedious and cumbersome.  With that, today’s topics are: Knicks Drafting Third, NBA Combine and The Jets being The Jets.

Knicks Drafting Third: Growing up in NYC in the 90s, the Knicks had Patrick Ewing and were always competitive. You had the false hope that they would overcome the Bulls at some point. It never happened but there was optimism. The past 20 years, now, there is resignation. Us fans know our lot in life courtesy, of James Dolan’s mismanagement as owner. So, some fools hope for big name signings and a top pick. But why?! Not since the NBA rigged the draft in 1985, have the Knicks been lucky in the lottery. And free agents continue to spurn New York. They will get Joe Johnson-level free agents, not the franchise-chasing types. So when the Knicks missed out on Zion, I couldn’t help but think it was the Knicks just being the frogging Knicks. It is almost comical but not as comical as it will be when New York tips off in September with no KD, no Kyrie and no Zion.

The NBA Combine: Did anyone else not know this was a real thing? I know it didn’t. I thought it must be new, but apparently it dates back a few years. It is not as intense as the NFL combine, as the NBA is not as obsessed with measurements, speed times and skill drills. They actually have the players scrimmage against each other, which I guess makes it more entertaining. The top 3 picks stayed home, so it was left to about 60 other guys to battle it out with the hopes of being drafted somewhere. I actually wouldn’t mind watching a bunch of guys desperately playing to be in the NBA or G-league fight for a spot.

The Jets Being The Jets: There is an epic rant by long suffering Jets fan Mike Greenberg about the insanity of the Jets letting their GM and his assistant go this week. I mean, owner Chris Johnson said he had to a deep dive to come to the decision. But Chris, you became the Owner in charge 2 years ago when Woody became an ambassador and you decided to keep Mike Maccagnan going into the off-season. You gave him $125 million or so to spend and make all those signings. He even brought in the guy that would stab him in the back, Adam Gase, the head coach. It is so insane but it is so Jets. They were looking like the only team in NY that would make the playoffs, Brooklyn and Long Island don’t count. And then they go and do this. What in the actual duck?! It is too much. @GangGreen

Finally, Short Matt will be doing play by play this Sunday of a rugby game. For some impresario, why was I just on the phone with him teaching him catchphrases like “Re-arranging deck chairs on they Titanic”? I can’t wait to hear him struggle with that catchphrase and many others.

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