Yanks v Sawx In London, USWNT v POTUS, Ha Ha Knicks, Calling People

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Earlier this week it was Short Matt’s birthday, so I called him. He was shocked by the call by and thought there was something bad had happened to me. I was like, “No man, you’re just special enough that I actually use my phone and call.” It made me realize how much we just text, email or Facebook someone and don’t ever call. I think calling is the new sense of special or importance. Once again, my Mom is ahead of the curve, as she never texts. Well she does a little bit. My nephew taught her and her first text to me was “call me.”  So, call you friends and family is the point of this paragraph. As for the point of why we’re here, today’s topics will be: Yanks-Sawx In London, USWNT v POTUS and Ha ha Knicks.

Yankees, Red_Sox, London, Meet_The_Matts, Yanks, Sawx, Junoir_Blaber

Yanks-Sawx in London: Why is the duck is this going on? What do they think they are, the NFL? Sure, this is one of baseball’s most storied rivalries, at least it was until the standing ovation at the Jeter going away tour by the Fenway faithful. However, this is not the NFL and I don’t think I have ever heard one of my British friends express an interest in Baseball at all. They seem to think it takes far too long, which is weird because some of them play cricket. They just made a version of cricket last as long as a baseball game so it is really weird. I think they will get a positive turnout because of the circus sideshow effect but I hope they don’t make this a regular thing because I can’t see the Brits turning out in force for this.

USWNT v Pres: There is a saying that you should never wrestle a pig because both of you get muddy and dirty but only one of you like it. This week, USA star striker Megan Rapinoe stated she would never go to the White House with Trump as president and dropped a few swear words. Her teammates backed her up too. With Rapinoe being openly gay and the anti-gay agenda of the Trump Administration, it is understandable. The problem is sport is incredibly fickle and the USA is playing well. But I have seen soccer teams lose games because a goalkeeper stands on his/her head. Now if they don’t win it all, they will have all the MAGA hats in their face about it. This benefits no one. Make comments about going the White House if you win, when you win.

Ha ha Knicks: There already talk that Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are not really interested in the Knicks but have included them in the talks as a fallback option. This is life as a Knicks fan! I am neither surprised nor saddened by it. I don’t know why my teams always get stuck with jokes for owners but it is why New York teams struggle to win titles. The Knicks shouldn’t sign anybody big. Get a couple of second tier guys like Jimmy “Buckets” Butler and wait until next year.

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