Sports Rain Man: NY Jets Own NY, League Worst Knicks, Brodie’s Beltran

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I swapped with the boss because I was so swamped with work on Friday and I had work Saturday morning. So here I am up late Sunday night because I had my birthday drinks and celebrations Saturday night and it took me all of Sunday to recover.  With that, here are the topics for today: NY Jets Own NY, League Worst Knicks And Manager Beltran.

NY Jets Own NY: The Daily News titled the 2019 football season in NY, “Dumpster Fire ’19” and we can’t say they are exactly wrong. The poor performances of both teams and the respective head coaches (Mickey Callaway levels at best) and the GMs appearing to be in over their heads for different reasons. However, in a slugfest, somehow the J-E-T-S were able to dig deep and find a way to win.

There were bright spots for both teams offensively and defensively but the Jets defense proved to be stronger and that was the difference. Jets safety Jamal Adams was in beast mode and easily the Player of the Game.

Knick Brass Scott Mills and Scott Perry

League Worst New York Knicks: A few years back the Knicks were so bad I promised lunch to JG Clancy and Angry Ward if the Knicks somehow managed to win more than 15 games. It turns out I still owe them two of them a meal, but that is besides the point. Despite being a league worst 2-9, the 2019-20 version of the Knicks are not that bad. They are ugly to watch and fans have already gone crazy booing performances bu… I say they won’t be as bad because they signed a lot of B and C level free agents. Signing so many players means that they will need time to get on a roll before inevitably missing the playoffs.

Manager Beltran: Everyone has had their say, so let me add my two pieces. The Mets GM is a guy that went from agent to GM in a year. That is insane, unless you understand that the Mets ownership, aka the Wilpons. They were duped by Bernie Madoff! Brodie Van Wagenen is obviously a smooth talker and he is now well above his station in life. He hasn’t shown a record for good morning decisions and micromanaged the Mets with a Manager that was not really his choice. Carlos Beltran is his kind of guy and though I feel in no way should a guy who has never even managed – not even his kid’s Tee ball team or in the minors – should be a Major League Baseball manager. But now Brodie has another guy who is a talker and bring better performance by being a players manager.

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