Monday Morning QB: NFL Playoffs Rundown, Eli, Knicks Fall Guy Fizdale

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday fans! It’s my duty to help snap you out of your weekend fog and give you stuff to talk about around the water cooler while dodging the boss. And no better way to do so than by giving my Random Thoughts re the NFL Playoffs Rundown and… the Knicks.

NFL Playoffs Rundown

AFC: The Ravens put a whoopin’ on the J-E-T-S to keep a lock on first place. The best part of this for Jets fans was the blow-up on the sidelines between Head Coach Adam Gase and star QB Sam Darnold. I am firmly on the “Release Gase” bandwagon, so showing that Gase is only good with quarterbacks named Peyton Manning is great. Gase is really just like Josh McDaniel. Not that good unless he has a hall of fame QB…  Houston defeated Tennesee to gain a stanglehold on the AFC South division. All the Texans have to do is win one of their next two games and they have the division, regardless of what the Titans do… In the East, the Bills beat the Steelers and though the win didn’t change anything in the standings, the Bills are still 5th and Steelers 6th. Buffalo keeps themselves only one game behind the Pats, who thumped the Bengals… Coming up, we’ll see the Bills with the chance of beating the Patriots and taking the division lead before they choke and lose to the Jets… If the Patriots don’t get a first round bye, it will be the end of their season… In the West the Chiefs are wrapping it up but the main news was the poor performance by the Oakland Raiders in their final game in Oakland. The fans deserved better, its that simple.

Meet_The_Matts, Adam_Gase, Knicks, Junoir_Blaber, Eli_Manning

NFC: The Atlanta Falcons won against San Francisco, which shocked the league and only proved my point last week that the 49ers are ready for prime time. The loss dropped Frisco to the five seed, as the Seahawks grabbed the number one overall seed… I can not believe Dallas broke out their funk to beat the LA Rams and climb to a division leading 7-7…  Angry Ward’s Vikings had another solid win to keep the 6th seed a stay a game behind Green Bay for the division title… The Packers beat the Bears to come that much closer to locking up the division… In NY, Eli started his final home game with Giants. This marriage is over! It was fun while it lasted but Eli has maybe a year or two left and the Giants aren’t the team for him. He needs a team that just needs a good QB to be competitive. I hope he finds a good home in the offseason.


The Knicks firing of David Fizdale was pure nonsense. The team was not that good. They didn’t aggressively pursue free agents and then they made the Fizdale the fall guy. He was not given a team that played on a NBA level but he still had to be the one axed. They will find someone crazy enough to take that job – but it is a bad job.

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