Sports Rain Man: Kim Ng, NBA Free Agency, Legendary NY Jets season

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! It’s not your typical Monday but this was not your typical weekend… I want to dedicate today’s article to Robert E Koperski. He is not anyone famous, he is – or was – my next door neighbor. He was half of the friendly elderly couple next door that my kids  loved. They are/were almost like a third set of grandparents. Bob fell over Friday afternoon and I helped him stand up and walk to the house. 15 minutes later it appears he had an aneurysm and shed his mortal coil.  Sorry for the depressing opening but it was hard to shake. But we plod on, and he’d likely have it no other way. So here is what is on tap today : Kim Ng, NBA Free Agency, Legendary NY Jets season:

Kim Ng

I don’t think as a sports site we have spent enough time talking about how big a deal this is. When you are a barrier-breaker your record and resume have to be light-years better than anyone’s close to you. Ng comes with World Series rings and being part of teams that made it to ALDS, ALCS and had best regular season records. It is not lost on anyone – or shouldn’t be – that the person that hired her is a barrier-breaker himself; Derek Jeter (phatuew!!). He is the first black CEO in MLB history, although I always find it weird that half black/half white men and women never get to say they are bi-racial but just classified as black. The hiring of Ng is extra special because it breaks two barriers, as she is Asian American. That means she becomes only the second of Asian ancestry to be in upper management in the league. And all though Jeter has hired a female team president, a GM is a first. My greatest concern is the first one through the door always catches it in the teeth, so it will be interesting to see what kind of nonsense will be thrown at her.

NBA Free Agency

Has anyone paid attention to all the deals and trades during NBA Free agency? Don’t look now but the Lakers are making dynasty moves. They added the 6th Man of the Year, a player nominated for the 6th Man of the Year and some more wing talent. They have bolstered their roster and look ready for a post-bubble season and winning two more titles so LeBron can tie MJ. Gordon Hayward shockingly says goodbye to BostonAl Horford is shipped out of Philly and Portland adds loads of depth. I have not seen so much activity in such a short time in free agency. This is a bit insane for the NBA but maybe it is good if it gets people excited for the season. Not to mention, we also just had the draft. It will be an interesting new season but one constant will remain… the Knicks will suck.

Legendary NY Jets

The NY Jets are on track to complete a task only achieved twice before… a win-less season. I believe they can do it. They are not Tanking For Trev, they are just showing that sheer ineptitude. Poor planning. Poor coaching. And that lack of vision should be rewarded with a win-less season. A true testament to the just how poor the team was on every level. Anything less would allow this team to crawl back into the spotlight and not be recognized for just how bad they were.

Kim_Ng, Trevor_Lawrence, Jets, Adam_Gase, Montrezl Harrell, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber, Sports Rain Man

Anyway, thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Bodacious Big Ben Whitney, who be ready for some shenanigans. Also, I don’t want to be an assignment editor but Ben should dissect another baseball movie.

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