Big Ben Tuesday: NFL Week 12 Smokin’ Hot Takes, First-Place NY Giants

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STAMFORD, CT NFL Week 12 is not quite in the books, as we still have an afternoon delight between the Steelers and Ravens. Are you ready for some football? It’s a Wednesday afternoon par-ty! Some of the Ravens RBs may be even be able to play now. The Broncos didn’t get so lucky as they were forced to play without a QB. The NFL was punishing the Donkeys for not following the rules. Recognize the protocols, son. The Broncos could have used a real QB if the NFL had given them a day or two. Anyway, everyone is fine as no one was actually sick. And the Giants are miraculously in first place. It’s been a strange year folks, I’ll say it again. Who is ready for some Smokin’ Hot Takes, Week 12? Would you buy lukewarm takes?

Bo Jackson is 58. I feel old. Bo knows Matlock.

Giants fans are pumped with their 3rd straight win, 4-2 in their last six, and first place in the NFC East. But that was not an impressive win. The defense played decently, but when they went up by 9 with about 5 minutes left, they let the Bungles march down the field and score a TD in no time. After a three and out (thanks Fleming), the Bengals were in a position to win with just a first down or two. This is a team that just lost their franchise QB until maybe 2022. Luckily, someone named Jabaal Sheard had a strip sack to save the day.

Someone named Niko Lalos also had a sweet interception for the Giants. He got a shout out from LeBron for some reason. Not a bad day. Judge has these guys, whoever they are, playing hard.

Snagged this gem from the Jax practice squad

N’Keal Harry, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Parris Campbell, and Andy Isabella. Who are, four receivers taken ahead of DK Metcalf, Alex? That’s correct. And I believe Metcalf will have more catches on Monday night vs the Eagles than Arcega-Whiteside will have in his career.

One thing that always impressed me about the Patriots was that they would aggressively protect a lead on offense. Instead of three runs and a punt, they would get a few first downs and save their defense the trouble. Mahomes did this to perfection yesterday. Scrambling for a first down and sliding down in bounds and then rolling out and finding Tyreek Hill (one more time) to pick up two first downs and ending it in victory formation instead of defending a Hail Mary or something.

Big finish coming?

The Giants did it yesterday as well, with a little third down conversion pass to Wayne Gallman. But alas, Cam Fleming committed his 15th penalty, nearly costing them the game. Is it Matt Peart time yet? We know Cam is a decent backup swing tackle. We know this.

Giants fans have been getting criticized for rooting for the team to miss the playoffs. I’m not usually one to root for the tank, but it’s a decent argument this time. This is not like other years when the Giants could sneak in at 9-7 and go the distance. Belichick and Brady know what I’m talking about. But these G-men are not going anywhere. And the difference between winning the division and a four or five win team is probably going to be about 15 spots. Is it worth it? I guess a playoff game would be fun. It’s been a while.

No sightings on Monday night

I ask again. Why in the name of Joe Willie Namath does Adam Gase still have a job? Look what a change did in Atlanta? What possible good can come from him being there? This is like having a flesh eating bacteria on your toe and letting it be.

With the Danny Jones hammy situation and the destruction of the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, my WFT winning the NFC East prediction is looking good. I still say six wins takes it. The Giants should beat the Cowboys but where is the other one coming from: @Sea, Ari, Cle, @Balt? I guess the Cards or Browns at home maybe.

Is that enough, Matt? Woosh, crack. Oww. Fine, I’ll keep going.

If Derrick Henry rushes for 2,000 yards and the Titans go 13-3, could he beat out Mahomes for MVP.  He’s not likely to win the MVP and the team is not likely to win 13 games, but they have a tray of cupcake run defenses on their remaining schedule. He’d only need to average about 150 yards per game.

I’m pretty sure I could complete more than one pass given an NFL start. Give me the nod in the Jets week 17 game vs the Pats. Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.

I can stop now? Good. Come back tomorrow our own cupcake, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

NFL Playoffs, Bo Jackson, Joe Judge, Jo Burrow, Ben_Whitney, Giants, NFL Draft, Meet_The_Matts

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