Sports Rain Man: Bills Get Hammered, Jets Edged By Fish, Giants Face Bucs, NFL News

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday This NFL Season is madness. Team A trounces Team B. Then Team B beats up Team C. So you expect Team A to then beat Team C but it goes completely the other way. It is hard to figure out and I guess the parity is what keeps fans addicted. With that, here is the line-up for today is: Bills Get Hammered, Jets Edged By Fish, Giants Face Bucs, NFL News.  

Bills Get Hammered

The Bills get hammered by the Colts… The Colts defense needed a bit of luck to stop the Jets with their 3rd string QB, but somehow they shut down the big, bad Bills attack. The Colts held the Bills offense to just 15 points while their offense put up a 40-burger. I can’t explain it folks. From one week to the next, the Bills struggled. I mean the Colts defense is not known for being tough to pass against but apparently they watched film and got their act together. On offense the Colts running attack has been a headache for teams and it continues to be problem that is unsolved.

Jets Edged By Fish

Joe Flacco wasn’t enough… The Mike White Era was over, Josh Johnson got his 3 quarters so the Jets started their third QB of the season and their fourth QB of the season. Flacco started because it was believed his veteran leadership would give the Jets a better chance to win. Flacco did his best by throwing for two TDs but once again it was the Jets defense that failed them. On a positive note, they avoided giving up 40 plus points for a fourth straight game, but they couldn’t get out of their way with defensive penalties that prolonged the Dolphins drive and led to the go-ahead touchdown. Gang Green lost but it was a much-improved performance… if that matters. Hopefully they play better going forward and I do believe they will get hot and finish the season with at least two straight wins

Giants Face Bucs

Junoir Blaber

I got this all wrong. I didn’t realize the Giants were on a bye and this is the week they face the Bucs. I still don’t see the Giants winning, especially with Tompa Bay coming off an ugly loss and looking to bounce back. Big Blue has the extra week’s rest and video review, but I don’t think the talent is there on a man-to-man level. This will be Tampa Brady winning with ease.

Elsewhere in the NFL

Titans Stopped by the Texans: Life without Derrick Henry finally caught up with them. Houston is in bad shape and are just not good. The Philly Godfather picked that one and the the next one…
Angry Ward’s Vikings managed to edge post-COVID Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers
-And the best news of all was that Kansas City took down the worthless Dallas Cowboys.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Big Ben Whitney, who is giddy about the Rangers winning last night.

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