Angry Ward Wednesday: Mets, NFL, NBA, and Rest for the Weary

THE CITY THAT ALMOST NEVER SLEEPS, NY – I’m supposed to be writing my usual Wednesday column here at Meet The Matts, but I’m coming off a weekend in Chicago with some old (key word: old) friends that was long on laughs, baseball at Wrigley, and deep dish pizza… but short on sleep. So, I’ve decided to forgo any clever openings and closings I might usually want to take some time considering, and instead comment on a few things going on in sports and get to bed early. Let’s get to it.

New York Mets. The Mets lost to the Chicago Cubs at home on Monday night (and again last night). As I just mentioned, I recently saw the Cubs play in person, and the Mets CANNOT be losing home games to a team like THAT in September while trying to win the NL East. At this point the Cubs are a Triple A team. You don’t make a serious playoff run counting on other teams to do your dirty work, you go out and beat the holy hell out of the clubs you’re supposed to beat. As I write this, they are losing 1-0 in the second. (They lost 4-1). The stretch run is here. Wake up, Mets!

First Week of the NFL Season. From my perspective, Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season couldn’t have gone much better. To recap: My Vikes win and—BONUS—toss Aaron Rodgers around like a rag doll, the Giants win, the Jets lose, and the Cowboys lose to the Bucs, in what was one of the least exciting games of the week. You have to enjoy when things almost go 100% your way in sports, because they almost never do. I’m not planning on looking ahead to next week when things will inevitably even out. Just going to enjoy this moment a little longer.

Robert Sarver Fined and Suspended. I know absolutely nothing about Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, other than the fact that the NBA just suspended him for a year and fined him $10 million (the max allowable) for using the N-word multiple times “when recounting the statements of others” and “instances of inequitable conduct toward female employees,” which could mean a whole lot of stuff. One would have to guess that there was plenty to go on when the NBA made this decision. One would also have to guess that if there was video and/or audio of Sarver doing these things, he’d be out on his a$$ faster than you could say Jerry Colangelo. Although, in this day and age, I’m starting to wonder if that would be the case.

Hey, before I wrap this up I would also like to mention Earnie Shavers, a hard-punching heavyweight from the 1970s, who passed away on September 1st at the age of 78. Earnie, who never held the heavyweight title, did give both Ali and Larry Holmes all they could handle in his title fights against them. He also kicked the ever-lovin’ crap out of my favorite heavyweight, Ken Norton. If Earnie were fighting against what passes for heavyweights today—rather than the buzzsaw lineup from boxing’s golden age—he’d be champ for sure. In fact, you know what? RIP, Champ.

Come back tomorrow for another boxing fan, Buddy Diaz, whose Eagles will be going toe-to-toe with my Vikings next Monday night.

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