Big Ben: First Place New York Giants? NFC East Turned Upside Down, Broncos Buck Wilson

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The Giants snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on Sunday, in a game they surely would have found a way to lose in recent years. It looks like they have a functional coaching staff and Saquon looked incredible.

First Place

The Dallas Cowboys, the consensus division favorite, was the only NFC East team to lose on Sunday. Their passing game looked average with their downgrade in receiving weapons. And oh yeah, Dak Prescott broke a finger and is out 6-8 weeks. Buddy Diaz’s Eagles and Commanders won, but both played teams that are improving but were amongst the league’s worst last year. Each had to eek out tight wins. And while the Titans are unlikely to repeat as the top seed in the AFC, they are solid team.

Could the Giants be a contender for the division crown? Hey, I’ll get carried away after one win if I want.


Obviously, Saquon Barkley looked reborn. Besides the big plays, he was pounding it for positive yardage on most plays, especially in the second half. The Jints look like actually have a run scheme now, with pulling offensive lineman and everything. And it seemed like Saquon was doing less dancing. He’s the biggest reason they won.

Danny Jones had the bad interception on a back-shoulder attempt to Barkley after they had gotten the huge break on the muffed punt. That throw doesn’t often work when the defender in facing the QB, please make a note. That looked like a “same old Giants” moment. But, he only had three incompletions the rest of the game and made some nice throws down the stretch. With Saquon at full power and a decent o-line, maybe Jones can reach his potential of “Hey, he’s not that bad.”

I’d wager the majority of Giants’ fans were like me screaming “noooooooo!” when they say Daboll going for two.Right up until the kick went wide, it felt like another heartbreaking loss. This must be what Mets fans feel like. Remember The Titans were in position to stop the conversion too, the guy made a mistake by forcing Barkley inside instead of outside. 

A Work in Progress

Ben Whitney

The Titans attacked slot corner Darnay Holmes on about every play on their final drive. Holmes gave up a few catches and had a holding penalty. With DC Martindale choosing to bring extra guys on every play on the drive and giving him no help, this could become an issue. They need Thibideaux and Olujari back fast so they can get some pressure without bringing the house. But overall the defense wasn’t bad. The muffed punt recovery was the only turnover and they only had one sack. But they held Henry under 100 and didn’t break. 

It’s bad news the Wan’Dale Robinson got hurt on his only catch. I got the feeling he was going to be featured. Toney has barely practiced and looked like more of a gadget player only. Galloday looks like a shell of his former self. I’d rather see Slaton out there at this point. Shepard’s performance coming off the injury was encouraging. 

Riverboat Brian

The two-point conversion worked, so all the “we’re not going to play scared” quotes look great. But you still want to make the highest percentage decisions and you don’t want to be reckless. I’d like to see the analytics for going for two in that situation. It worked out I guess.

Speaking of analytics, what the hell were the Broncos thinking last night? McManus was one for eight on kicks that long. Um, you gave up about 10 first round picks for Russell Wilson. Surely him picking up a fourth and five is better than one in eight. Brutal coaching debut there.

Anyway, they’re home favorites next week and can actually start 2-0 for the first time since Bill Clinton was in office. Probably. Let’s goooooooooooo!

That’s it for me, comment below and come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, who’s been sleeping in his Kirk Cousins jersey.

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