MVP Kirk Cousins, Mets Collapse (Again?), Charged-Up Chiefs Beat Other L.A. Team

SWAMP FOOT, MO – Today you were probably expecting a Chefs Chiefs vs San Diego Los Angeles Chargers review.  However, this has been rendered impossible due to my lovely wife inviting non-football people over for a Thursday night dinner – without consulting my calendar, aka the Chiefs schedule.  Since I had to write this bit before the game has even begun, I will leave a score prediction and we will see if it comes true.  Chiefs 34 Chargers 27. (KC won 27-24) In lieu of a drunken football rant today I want to revisit a nasty topic.

A few months ago when the Mets were red-hot, I wrote a column on all of the historic collapses in recent Mets history.

Cam James

At that time, I predicted that the Mets would miss the playoffs with 101 wins.  While that isn’t happening, the Mets are doing their best to squander the division.  For those that haven’t been paying attention, this would cost the Mets a first-round bye under the new MLB Playoffs format.  Assuming this happens, the Mets would go from a second-round match-up between either the Cardinals or the weakest Wild Card team (Brewers or Padres) to a first-round match-up with the Phillies and a guaranteed second round match-up with the Dodgers.

This change of trajectory might as well be designated as the next great Mets collapse.  I don’t see any team beating the Dodgers in the National League.  Assuming you must play them, it would be ideal to do so in the LCS not the divisional round when the Dodgers will be rested with a rotation set up for a long series.  The magnitude of the potential collapse is heightened by the fact that it would require that the Mets lose numerous games against the Pirates, Brewers, A’s, Marlins, and Nats.

Can the Mets pull it off?

Sure they can. But…

End of Season Prediction:
Mets win 101 games and lose the division by a single game.

One last thing. Earlier this week Big Ben called me out to back up my own love affair with Kirk Cousins.  I have done so.  $50 on Cousins to win MVP and $50 on the Vikings to make the Super Bowl.  These bets have been verified by a screenshot I have sent Management, that they/he/dem will probably forget to post here.  When one or both bets pay I will be sending Angry Ward a Kirk Cousins jersey that he can use for kindling by week seven next season.


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