Saturday Sports Quiz: Aaron Judge, Donald Trump, Jack Sock, Mets, A-Rod, Cleveland Browns

Jake, Hank and the Jack Socks. [Ahem].

NEW YORK, NY – Good morning, fellow sports nuts. Today we’re going to test your knowledge with some basic questions re the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. See how you stack up re trivia re: Aaron Judge, Donald Trump, Jack Sock, the Metsies, the Oakland A’s Alex Rodriguez and your Cleveland Browns.

One of the NY Mets’ aces is:
A) Jakob deGrom
B) Jacob de Grom
C) Jacob deGrom
D) Jacob De Grom

The NFL Championship game is the:
A) Superbowl
B) Super Bowel
C) Super Bowl

Aaron Judge is trying to hit:
A) Homeruns
B) Home Runs

When two entities play each other, it is oft-referred to as a:
A) Match up
B) Matchup
C) Match-up

The current Cleveland Browns were the:
A) Cleveland Browns
B) Baltimore Colts
C) Baltimore Ravens
D) Nobody

Donald Trump said he could have been a/an:
A) NHL defenseman/defenceman (if in Canada)
B) NBA small forward
D) MLB pitcher

Jack Sock is:
A) NY Islanders new goalie
B) September call-up for JG Clancy’s Oakland A’s
C) Undrafted free agent QB signed by Angry Ward’s Vikings
D) Playing tennis against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal today in doubles

The MLB players with 700 homers and 3000 hits are:
A) A-Rod, Hank Aaron, Albert Pujols
B) Hank Aaron, Albert Pujols
C) Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Albert Pujols
D) Barry Bonds, A-Rod, Hank Aaron

JG Clancy

Gerrit Cole is:
A) The Yankees #1 pitcher
B) In a new Netflix movie
C) A town on Long Island
D) A & B

With the Mets and Oakland A’s reprising their ’73 World Series battle, which is true:
A) Tom Seaver lost Game 7
B) Gene Tenace played 3B for Oakland
C) Reggie Jackson was the Series MVP
D) A & C

The answers to all of the above are on Twitter.

Comment below and come back tomorrow for Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis.

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