Baseball God Gary Sanchez and How Derek Rose is Winning Off-season

baseball-gods-1SPANISH HARLEM – As Yankees fans try to make most of this season, the one thing – or should I say the one guy – that has made the team appealing again, is the seed of the Baseball Gods we call Gary Sanchez. Recently named American League Player of the Week, “The Kraken” has had quite a month as well. Take into account that within the past month Sanchez has hit 9 home runs. That is more than Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury and Aaron Hicks have hit all season.

I know some of you may say those players don’t Kevin maas1necessarily scream power hitter but when you add in the fact he has a bit more than half of Brian McCann’s 16 home runs, you know it has been one special month for the Baby Bomber.

Most Yankee haters will be bring up players like Kevin Maas and Shane Spencer as players who have come up from the minors with great starts, but something feels different with Sanchez. Dare I say he has a little Derek Jeter in him? Can he keep it up, is he destined for greatness?  For sure, we haven’t seen power hitting like this from the catcher position since the likes of one… Mike Piazza.
The Kraken Sanchez

Is it just me or does August suck for you as a sports fan, especially if your favorite baseball team is not considered playoff material? Derek Jeter Meet_The_MattsI know that football and basketball are just around the corner but for sports nuts like me, September can’t come fast enough. With that said, I can’t wait to see Derek Rose get hurt in the first quarter of the first game of the season. Still that won’t take away how special he has been for Knick fans. The guy keeps talking about how good he thinks the Knickerbockers can be, from calling them a “Super Team” or stating, “We have a chance to win every game.” How can you not love him? If my memory serves me right, he was never this vocal about winning in Chicago. Maybe it’s the bright lights of New York or maybe he knows that all the pressure won’t fall on him because this is Melo’s team. His faith in the team is something out of a story book, as if he was put on Earth to save fans that love the Orange and Blue. That’s why, D-Rose is winning the off-season in New York basketball and no one else is even close. Thank you Rose, for keeping the Knicks relevant in the news!

doc23n-3-webOn a side note, what the flock of birds is going on with Doc Gooden. Seeing anybody that skinny scares me especially with his history of drug use. Doc was such a great pitcher that it pains me we never got to the see best of him. I grew up a Mets fan, so I’m not your typical Yankees fan. The Amazins were my first love but as with first loves, they don’t always last. I continued to love Dwight Gooden, even after my allegiance changed, so I hope that he gets the help he needs to lead a long healthy life. I’m rooting for you Doc!

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