MLB Baseball: Why We Will Wait Till Next Year, Again… Matt Harvey, Giancarlo Stanton

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NEW YORK, NY – Let’s face it, we’re all addicts. If you’ve seen the somewhat redundant headline and continued on to read this, you have a MLB Baseball problem. Lord knows, this writer does. It takes its form and makes insidious self visible in the form of Orange & Blue.

Only a handful of teams play beyond the 162-game regular season schedule. The majority of fans, well-represented by our eclectic staff – will not see their guys going on. Heck, event he San Francisco Giants are facing a 90+ loss season. Yet, we’re drawn in, time and time again, like the poor lost souls that tune in to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Simon Cowell and Housewives of New Jersey in droves.

Like moths to a flame, we’re intrigued by Mike Giancarlo Stanton’s flirtation with Roger Maris real season home run record. We don’t care if his shirtless self prompted Boomer Esiason to liken seeing him ripped with muscles to that of our 1990s behemoths. Ah, the shroud of PEDs continues to cast it’s shadow!

Speaking of shadows, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t drawn to seeing this new rendition of Matt Harvey, a mere shadow of the gone-in-the-night Dark Knight. MLB Baseball Problem. JG Clancy, MeetTheMatts.comThe Harve finished with a 6.70 ERA, which is the highest in #Mets history for pitchers with at least 15 starts. Until Matty, no Met had ever thrown 70 innings with an ERA that high. The Flushing Flop finished with 92 2/3 innings on his ledger, allowing 110 hits, striking out 67 and walking 44.

We’re all suckers, folks. Especially the likes of Angry Ward and JG Clancy, who root for the Mariners and A’s, respectively. But here’s a quote that sums up pretty much what all of us that look in from the outside feel, despite continuing to ingest what we know will lead to vacillating levels  of melancholy, anger, bitterness and envy:

The positive is that this nightmare of a season is over for me.

Thanks for that, Matt Harvey. Join the club.

But wait till next year…

P.s… Rousing standing golf clap for Grinding Ax Walter Hynes for a perfect send-off wedding and Dad-speech for his daughter last night. He nailed it. Who knew?

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