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NFL Cheerleadeers kneel for Anthem, Cheesy Bruin's FREE NFL Picks, Meet_The_Matts

MARLBORO, NY –  Everybody loves winning and I did just that last week as I was long overdue to break a horrendous streak of winless weeks by going 3-1 on my Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks. The record now stands at two games under .500 at 15-17 for the season. Here are the selections that get me over the break even point…

FAVORITE Le’Veon Bell? Who needs him when you’ve got James Conner. Such a great story with this homegrown kid and as a cancer survivor myself it’s what’s good about sports and competition and willing oneself to do what was deemed improbable. The Steelers are riding his coattails to a three game winning streak as they visit the Ravens in Baltimore this afternoon. While the arrow is pointing down for the Ravens after back to back losses, this is too important an AFC North divisional game for them to lay an egg in front of the home folks. The Pittsburgh defense is far from stalwart and I think this is where Baltimore has a big edge and we’re only laying a field goal here. It’ll be close most of the way but the Ravens pull away late. The Pick? BALTIMORE -3 over Pittsburgh

NFL Cheerleadeers kneel for Anthem, Cheesy Bruin's FREE NFL Picks, Meet_The_Matts

UNDERDOG Let’s see…the Browns fire their head coach and offensive coordinator after a 2-5-1 start with a rookie QB at the helm. A defensive minded interim coach is instilled in bounty gate planner Gregg Williams. A running backs coach is similarly propped up as offensive coordinator for Cleveland, losers of three straight and who face the darlings of the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. Teams historically don’t do well in any sport for the first game after a coaching change. Oddly enough, it’s the second game where teams perform better but I’ve got a hunch that the Browns who play markedly better at home sneak in under the handicap. Not sure how they do it but a back door cover is possible. The Pick? CLEVELAND +8.5 over Kansas City

OVER This almost looks to easy and when that appears to be the case I usually stay away or go the other way. Today, I’m going with strong conviction that this important game between Detroit and Minnesota will result in an up and down, fast break kind of game as Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousin sling the ball all over the gridiron. The Vikings defense has underperformed as a result of injuries and mental issues. Matt Patricia’s defensive genius hasn’t shown in his charges, either. Both teams hit the thirty mark in this one. The Pick? Detroit/MINNESOTA OVER 49

Cheesy Bruin's FREE NFL Picks, NFL Cheerleader kneels for anthem

UNDER The Washington Native Americans (I’m being politically correct here) are playing a steady brand of football that has them atop a porous NFC East–good defense and taking care of the ball on offense. Alex Smith doesn’t wow you but he wins games. Atlanta has a sieve of a defense but Washington doesn’t have healthy weapons to take advantage so there should be a lot of check downs to the running backs and tight end seam routes which should keep the score down. The Pick? Atlanta/WASHINGTON UNDER 48

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