Addition by Subtraction: Robinson Cano, Knicks, Mets, Thursday Night Football

Brodie Van Wagenen, Replacement Matt, Trevor_Herrick, Robinson Cano, Meet_The_Matts, Jeff McNeil

MAPLEWOOD, NJ – Following Junoir Blaber’s Happy Monday shtick, Happy Friday to you all… So, it’s been revealed that Robinson Cano’s second half surge last season was in fact fueled by PED’s. Consequently, he has been suspended without pay for 2021…

Thank goodness$$$, I say.

That money can now be used for more useful purposes, like signing a pitcher or paying for the services of arbitration players already under contract – like Marcus Stroman’s qualifying offer. It also now frees up the 2nd base slot for Jeff McNeill who is vastly superior to Cano anyway. Things are looking up. If only we could eject Edwin Diaz into orbit.

As mentioned yesterday by Buddy Diaz, the NBA Draft occurred and the Knicks didn’t totally sh-t bed. The player they got at #8 wasn’t a home run. But Obi Toppin, an explosive scorer, isn’t the worst thing to acquire. Hopefully, the point guard they got (Immanuel Quickley) late will develop into something. If Obi can learn to play some D under Thomas Joseph Thibodeau and become less one-dimensional, then it’ll be home run…

Speaking of taters… back to the Mets.

I have some other suggestions for our new owner to improve the fan experience. Granted, the Old Timers game is a great start, but let’s also bring back the bullpen carts and the big-haired girls catching foul balls like in the 80’s. I am looking forward to seeing Dave Kingman and Darryl Strawberry in the HR derby and seeing Keith Hernandez manning 1st base for an inning or two, though. Will Wally and Mookie play? Donn Clendenon?

Lastly, on a totally unrelated note… Can Thursdsay Night Football stop being a thing? No one wants to watch these slopppy, ill-prepared contests. Maybe add an extra game on Sunday instead. They just suck for everybody.

Brodie Van Wagenen, Replacement Matt, Trevor_Herrick, Robinson Cano, Meet_The_Matts, Jeff McNeil

That’s it for me… Comment below and come back tomorrow for the comic stylings of Vegan Short Matt, who is going to petition for NFL games on Wednesdays and the abolition of all day baseball games.

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