Angry Ward: Bob Murphy, Rose Lavelle, Tipsy McStagger, and Other Irish Heritage Heroes

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BRONX, NY – On March 1st, President Joe Biden declared March to be Irish-American Heritage Month. It was a savvy political move from that sly gray fox. Every once in a while you need to throw some bipartisan corned beef and Budweiser to a portion of the voting public that thinks some orange-tinted WASP-wannabe is “their guy” rather than oh, I dunno, an Irish-Catholic. Also, like February, March is a month few people want. Let the Irish have it! Now, let’s look at some Irish, and in some cases Irish-sounding, sports teams and figures.

The Boston Celtics. As I’m writing this, the Boston Celtics have a worse record than the New York Knicks. South Boston’s famous Irish racists must be crying in their Lucky Charms.

Brent McClanahan. A mostly-forgotten fullback on my favorite Vikings teams of the 1970s, I always liked Brent McClanahan. He had a hockey name, for sure, but he was an African-American running back who, like his GREAT teammate Chuck Foreman,  could catch the ball out of the backfield and turn it into something.

Jeff Gillooly. Where would figure skating be without… JUST KIDDING. I’m not one for “an eye for an eye” justice, but this Bozo should have been kneecapped with a shilelagh.

Bob Murphy. “From the crack of the bat, you’re in front of the crowd in your stylish Member’s Only jacket.” So went one of the radio advertising plugs from New York Mets‘ broadcasting legend Bob Murphy. On the plus side he was great to listen to. I’ll always remember listening to him during one game while driving back from Jones Beach and he introduced a player on an opposing team like this: “He’s from the tiny island nation of Aruba. (pause) My wife and I visited there several years ago and found it quite, quite enjoyable.” On the minus side, we all have to suffer Short Matt’s constant Murph impersonations.

Conor McGregor. Pitchman for some swill called Proper Twelve Whiskey. Nothing to see here. Ding, ding.

Tipsy McStagger. Legendary advertising icon and championship street light swinger.

Rosemary Kathleen Lavelle. Perhaps the brightest young star on the US Women’s National Soccer team, Rose Lavelle is currently playing for Manchester City of the English FA WSL. But, in the states, she’s a hero to young women and even rapidly-aging male bloggers. It was a great thrill to see Ms. Lavelle and her #USWNT teammates in person, as they beat the French Women’s Team in Paris in 2019. It’s a trip and event my daughter, and all of us, will never forget.

And, last but not least, the Kerrygold Kid

JG Clancy. Friday is my great friend Jim Clancy’s birthday. You’ve never seen a Wiffle Ball competitor like this guy. He’s also prolific at picking doomed ponies at the track. Joe-Biden, John Kerry, Kerry Gold Butter, Meet-The-Matts, Ward-Calhoun, Angry_WardBut, most of all, he’s one of the good guys. Where would we be without his many menu rundowns and half-baked Church of Yim? Happy (early) Birthday JGC!

That’s it for this Wednesday. Come back tomorrow for Buddy McDiaz.

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