News-Worthy, Story-Rich Mets Kept/Keep Sucking Us Back In

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“Hold on to your hats, we’re in the 9th.”Bob Murphy

NEW YORK, NY – There were many nights growing up, through the crappy AM transistor radio hidden under my pillow, that I’d hear legendary Mets play-by-play man Bob Murphy utter those words, re the sh!ttiest of Mets teams. It made no difference that they sucked, for Murph’s unwavering enthusiasm hooked even the grumpiest and most cynical of fans out there. He could get you nervous and hoping for most mundane of scenarios… “You know, if  Youngblood can get a pinch-hit double here, he’ll be but three doubles shy of the club’s leader in that department, Mike Jorgensen.” Suddenly, you had something – anything – to root for. And there is no doubt that he’d have us “fastening our seat-belts” for this crop of Amazins. Warts and all, and despite being four games under .500 in apoplectic fashion, the 2021 version is abundantly more entertaining – and better than – all but a handful of the 40+ years of Metsies he covered in his brilliant career. Fortunately, us Mets fans now find ourselves in the capable hands of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, who would make Robert Allan Murphy and Ralph Kiner proud in their honest coverage of the team… Now for today’s headline: News-Worthy, Story-Rich Mets Kept/Keep Sucking Us Back In.


-Okay, maybe this is bit of a stretch but you do have a player in Pete Alonso that is the 2nd fastest player in Major League Baseball history to get to 100 homers. He is also the only position player to play as expected.
How about that 1st half by the now-forgotten Jacob deGrom?
-We can also throw in the mega contract issued to Francisco Lindor, who finally looks comfy at the plate in blue and orange. The ghosts of Robbie Alomar and Carlos Baerga are reluctantly packing their bag.
Finally, how about the billionaire hedge fund guy, , buying the Wilpons out? That’s news-worthy.

That segues nicely (not really) to…


Let’s start backwards.
-Owner Steve Cohen offering time in his suite to any fans that “out” the source of Mike Vaccaro’s column in The Post. He did this on Twitter. Deep Throat is smiling someplace.
Sandy Alderson’s veiled and cryptically creepy handling of Jake deGrom’s injury updates:
“A sprain is the lowest grade partial tear. At this point, the sprain has resolved itself. The elbow is, at this point, perfectly intact — based on the MRIs and the critical evaluations of our doctors. So that’s really a technical term that the doctors have used. We don’t use it routinely, but that’s another term for a very mild ligament condition.”
OKAY. Got it. Right.
Thumbs Down: You want click-bait? You got it! Rumor has it that Michael Conforto is bringing a bullhorn to the last game to let fans know how stupid they are.

And of the above, Ladies & Germs, has kept the NY Mets in the news and interesting. They’ve certainly done enough to keep this nitwit fastening his seat-belt. They keep sucking me back in… sort of like you to this site.

Speaking of sucking, come back tomorrow for Grinding Ax Walt, who will be reveling in the NY Giants Mets-like loss to the WFT.

SIDE NOTE: Just Googled “Yankees” and this came up:

Whoops. Have a click.
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