Sports Rain Man: Jets’ Zach Wilson Contingency, Deshaun Watson Appeal, Erik ten Hag & Man United Deception

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday. I on going on lack of sleep and I had to do some research today to come up with topics but I think I did well. Let’s see what you think. Here we go with… Jets’ Zach Wilson Contingency, Deshaun Watson Appeal, Man United Deception, DeShaun Watson Appeal, Man United Deception.

Jets’ Zach Wilson Contingency

QB Zach Wilson suffered a minor knee injury and will be out 2-4 weeks. It looks like Joe Flacco QB/Assistant Coach or Mike White will be the opening day starter. This is the second injury that Wilson has had in his short career. One last season and now this. It doesn’t bode well. As a concerned fan, I hope GM Joe Douglass is also concerned. It is time to start looking for another back-up/future option. I think the Jets need to either start considering drafting a QB next season. However, I would prefer them to find an under-cooked QB, who has the talent but needs the reps –  like a Jimmy Garoppolo before the Patriots traded him. I would look to trade for the Saints Ian Book or Colts Sam Ehlinger – just to have another young guy ready because Wilson may not be the answer. I would trade for one of these bubble guys from last year’s draft and see if they can be coached-up. You could also look to the USFL but having a back-up plan is critical.

Deshaun Watson Appeal

The NFL has appealed the decision by the mediation judge – or what the hell she is called. It looks like Watson is gonna get a season long suspension and more the 5 million in fines. We know this because Watson’s people called the NFL to seek out a settlement of 8 games and 5 million in fines but the NFL was so confident of their case they said “no deal” immediately.  I said it last week that this whole situation was dirty. I can’t believe the Browns upset their playoff quality QB to bring in a guy of this moral fiber or lacking one because they thought it would give them a chance to win the title and now, they will have to rally behind Jacoby Brissett for the season. I say good, that is what they deserve and the least of what Watson deserves.

Man United Deception 

Junoir Blaber

Because of the American pro sports landscape you don’t really see this kind of situation but it happens in Europe. Manchester United recruited one of the best young coaches in Europe and the 3-peat winning coach of the Dutch Soccer League, Erik ten Hag. Manchester U is living of its former glory and is a bit like the Dallas Cowboys – easy to hate and with an unprofessional structure. EtH was promised that at least 5 new players would signed to help fix the team that was also losing players. Well, it came out yesterday through the coach’s agent that he has been lied to and the signings won’t, yet he is expected to get on with the job. My advice is to make drastic changes to get the best team out there. If you have to drop the captain, so be it. Same goes for playing players out of position or in new positions. Lay it all bare how badly you have been treated and let the world see why this team’s management is a joke.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, who is hopping the Yankees will turn it around in time to win the east.

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