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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! Today, I will keep it brief. I will get back to you guys in a few weeks on my Fantasy Football prowess and will keep from any Coach Prime talk, as he is all over the airwaves. With that, today’s topics are: Weekly Mets Update, NFL Recap and NY State Football.

Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets had another 3-3 week. Highlights were Tylor Megill grinding out 6 innings. That was for Short Matt, who cares not for Megill and his 5 inning games. The Mets also hired their first ever Director of Baseball Operations in Craig Sterns David Stearns, allegedly one of the best and brightest young minds in baseball. Recently he was the  Milwaukee DBO but is a lifelong Mets fan. On the field, the Mets swept the Diamondbacks to follow it up with two losses against the Reds before winning the final match. That is the Mets season in a nutshell; a few wins then back to losing. The most wins they have strung together all season is 5. They are 11 games under .500 and it would be fitting if they ended their season this way.

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NFL Round-up

Angry Ward’s Vikings fell to 0-2 as they fell short in their comeback against the Defending NFC champion Eagles… The Falcons shocked people and Green Bay to come back from 13 down in the 4th quarter to go 2-0… The Ravens edged out the Bengals and it may be time to panic for Bengals fans as being 0-2 in a stacked AFC is a concern… The Seahawks had a late game comeback against the Lions… In the match-up of two terrible teams from last season, the Colts beat Texans, comfortably… The Chiefs won and ugly one against the Jaguars… The Buccaneers dominated the hapless Bears, while the Chargers made a late comeback against the Titans, only to have the Titans comeback last to win… The 49ers look legit as they had a hard fought win against the Rams… In the Sunday night game, the Dolphins took down the Patriots to assert their dominance in the new AFC East.

NY State Football

If you’re seeing this for the first time, this is where I cover the three NY NFL teams. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am Jets fan living in Buffalo; I sorta don’t wish ill on the Bills – but I hate the Giants. All three NY teams are 1-1 and for different reasons…

For the NY Jets it was a fall back down to earth. After the roller-coaster of losing Aaron Rodgers and winning the game in overtime, the Zach Wilson sequel seems the same as the first. I know the defense gave up 30 points but they were out there too often. They couldn’t get a pass rush and the offense had three turnovers – two of the interceptions. It is a lot of pressure to play near-perfect football. The Jets lost 30-10 and really they need at least 17 maybe 20 points a game from the offense to have a chance.

The Bills looked dominant against the Raiders and it seems the fake Josh Allen stood up (the 3 intercept one, is the real one). He had the three touchdown passes and no mistakes while the running game had a great day. The new look Raiders led by 2nd year coach, Josh McDaniel, seem to be struggling after some offseason changes.

The NY Giants almost went 0-2. Everyone thought the Cardinals were going to tank all season but maybe they pulled an Adam Gase’s-Jets-move to ruin first-pick chances ( I don’t forget). The Giants were down in the 4th quarter and like the Jets last week, had to dig deep and get some big defensive stops to get the ball back Dan Jones and Sawuan Saquon Barkley’s hands. They did and the results were 2TDs and a game-winning field goal.

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