Super Bowl Post Mortem; New York Knicks Think Tank, Brady as Jenner?

Angry_Ward Ray_Lewis Meet_The_Matts Lombardi_Trophy
Angry Ward as Ray Lewis with Lombardi Trophy

BROOKLYN, NYGreetings, everyone in Mattsland! Replacement Matt, aka Dude, pitching in for your Friday… I know the Super Bowl is almost a week in the collective rear-view mirror and has been beaten to death but I’d like to add a few thoughts:

First: Anyone who thinks Coach Carroll’s call to not run Beast Mode with one yard to a Super Bowl win was purely a football decision is clearly not paying attention. No way supreme thug Roger Goodell would allow the MVP to be awarded to a guy who would ask reporters if they had any chips and cheese fries. This would never fly with his squeaky clean league of wife beaters, cheaters, and blow-hards. Too bad the league would rather award the Lombardi Trophy to a team with shady at best practices.

In-touch-magazine-Bruce Jenner Meet_The_MattsWhich brings me to my next point… The  Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. It’s now being debated who is greater: Joe Montana or Brady? Montana was 4-0 in the Super Bowl and Brady 4-2. A 1.000 winning percentage wins clearly but the real story here is Brady’s future, which in a flash became very clear to me. Brady is a handsome, winning, athlete who is married to a supermodel and a familiar face on the red carpet circuit – the equivalent of Bruce Jenner from a previous generation – which of course means that in thirty years after being beaten down by his post-playing reality TV series, ol’ Tom is destined to be reborn as a Thai Lady boy.

Speaking of Boys, this brings us to the beloved New York Knicks. I am very happy to report they are on their way to winning one more game so Angry Ward and JG Clancy can collect their prop bet. But more importantly, I see this season’s debacle for what it is – intentional. The team has been in the tank since the second game of the season but can’t admit that in NY. They are after the #1 pick and then will have money to spend after completing the house-cleaning. It may look a mess now but it can get good real quick in the NBA. Add a center and good point guard and some role players and suddenly they are legit. The NBA can’t be won with quick fixes. You simply have to tank.

And by the way, we all know who steals this video, taking one [or two] for the team:

That is all – tune in tomorrow for more fun with a man who shaves his legs, Junoir Blaber!

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