Tuesday Titillation: Slow Your Roll Yankee Fans, NY Giants Knee Jerk Reaction, Feisty Mets

Adios Yanks
The DL just got dreamier
Mets DL just got dreamier

NEW YORK,  NY – As the Yankees season was being bashed into the night by Hanley Ramirez, repeatedly, a friend said to me, “it’s all house money for the Yankees anyway.” While I do agree that Cashman did the Yanks’ future right, it made me wonder if Yankee fans are getting ahead of themselves. Have we seen enough from the young bombers to warrant the hype? Sure, Sanchez looks like a star, but other than that, I’m not sure. Before Aaron Judge got hurt, he often looked overmatched. Tyler Austin looked solid, but I’m not putting him in the HOF just yet. Who knows if Greg Bird will return to form after missing the season with a torn labrum.

Adios Yanks
Adios Yanks

On the pitching side, Luis Cessa and Chad Green flashed potential, but are unproven. I don’t know about you, but I’m not doing cartwheels for a starting 5 of Tanaka, Pineda (Piñata), Green, Cessa, and CC. They acquired some good arms for the back end, and have the makings of what could be a nice pen. But Betances made me pretty nostalgic for Mo on Thursday night, we were spoiled by the Sandman. (Tangent alert: my first Fenway Park experience was Bill Mueller hitting a 3 run walk-off off Mo in the 9th. I may have gotten some abuse from the Boston faithful that day, and I may have deserved it a little for yelling “what are you all still doing here? Mo’s in, it’s over.” Good times. That was also the game A-Rod and Varitek got into a girl fight).


But if the Yanks use some of their newly stocked farm system assets to acquire Chris Sale and plop him on top of the rotation cake, my tune will change quickly. I’m just saying that Yankees fans might be a little premature in planning the next dynasty. Slow Your Roll, Yankee fans.

Woo Hoo, Pineda's pitching!
Woo Hoo, Pineda’s pitching!

A few NFL things to SLOW YOUR ROLL about:

Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston being the next Favre and Marino.

cruzThe Jaguars, everyone’s preseason sleeper.

Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. Yeah, this one’s a lie. These guys look like the real deal. Hold me, I’m scared.

But, BELIEVE THE HYPE on these guys:

Bill Belichick – Man I hate this dude, but I’m convinced the Pats would go 8-8 with me at QB. Yo Billy, I know we’ve had our differences, but I’m available.

Sterling Sheppard – Possibly the first time ever that a Giant team will support 3 fantasy WRs.

The Denver D – I’m done underestimating them. Good call Colts, not double teaming Von Miller in crunch time. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, the Super Bowl.

What’s up with the trend of college football players dropping the ball before they cross the goal line? Are they trying to get danger cool points for dropping it right as they cross? This is so forking dumb. It would be like swimming out to save a drowning girl in the ocean only to have her die while you were posing for a picture on the way back in. Hero to zero, Ryan Lochte style. This happened a bunch of times over the weekend. Make it stop.

Wind sprints for this guy
I hope this guy is running wind sprints right now

Meanwhile, the Mets were sweeping up the punchless Twins over the weekend and are now eyeing the top wild card spot. The Mets took another huge casualty, as Jacob Degrom was tossed on the pile and hauled off for the season. But these feisty little rascals keep winning, I’m almost starting to like them. Forget I said that. The Mets brought up someone called Gabriel Ynoa to start on Sunday. I had to read his name several times, as I thought I woke up with some mild dyslexia. But Ynoa what? He pitched pretty well, striking out 8 over 4 and two thirds. Noah Syndergaard is the pretty much the last man standing and he got roughed up on Monday, but still, this team is plucky.

G-men knee jerk: The nice thing about the Giants wins was the end game management. We know about the horrific end game losses last year, but so far this year everyone seems to be on the same page. I liked that the Giants took a third knee at the end of the game, to ensure there was no time left even for a kickoff, instead of kicking it on 3rd down to account for a possible bad snap. Does that ever matter? If you can’t execute a 19 yard FG, take your chances in OT. McAdoo has passed initial inspection. Anyone who had the Giants at -4.5 (cough, CheesyBruin, cough) hated the strategy of not trying to pound it in. But Giant fans (and those that took the Giants over 8 wins this season, like yours truly) liked what they saw. The new look defense has also been encouraging, shutting down two very strong running games. There are still holes in the middle of the pass D, but things are looking up. Those were two games they would have found a way to lose last year. I can’t forget to mention Victor Cruz, and his second straight huge fourth quarter play.

We gave him how many million?
We gave him how many million?

I’m looking forward to next week, and that shot of Daniel Snyder simultaneously realizing he gave Josh Norman way too much money and his team has no chance of winning the division again.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow to see what Angry Ward is ranting about from the rehabilitation center. Follow me on Twitter @benwhit8.

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