Positive Thinking re Matt Harvey, Owner Trump, President Cuban and Dave Chappelle

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY – We’re tapping at the keyboard up here in God’s Country on the Iona College campus, moonlighting with RugbyWrapUp.com as color/play-by-play guys for the College Rugby Bowl Series. The [somewhat] fresh air, smell of percolating hazelnut coffee and Indian Summer temps having us feeling particularly warm, fuzzy and positive. And for whatever reason, our feel-good mood is behind our Positive Thinking re Matt Harvey, Owner Trump and President Mark Cuban.

matt-harvey-kissesMatt Harvey: With the departure of their Ace and most entertaining player to ever don a Mets uniform, Bartolo Colon, Mets fans will be looking to empty their gas-tanks cheering for someone else. And with the likely departure of Yoenis Cespedes and retention of Plain Jane Jay Bruce – the modern day version of Richie Hebner (Bing it, youngsters) there is but one player that can fill that void. The Dark Night Must Rise Again.  That’s right, only a once-and-for-all-healthy Matt Harvey Wallbanger, the Orange & Blue version of Donald Trump,  will make things right in Flushing in twenty seventeen.

Speaking of Orange and Right

Owner Trump: Wouldn’t it be great if President-elect Donald Trump was being prepped as the incoming owner of your favorite sports team instead? A lot of you out there would like that, no? We’d certainly rather see him own the Mets or Knicks, rather than the keys to the White House – and that’s NOT a political statement, you polarized people! We’re just thinking that he’d be better at firing dysfunctioanals and building a winner. Kind of like a modern day George Steinbrenner… who could potentially be President of the United States these days. That fact should have us all looking ourselves in the mirror.

Mark_Cuban Dirk Meet_The_MattsFinally, we’d be remiss – after the aforementioned talk about ownership and office – we failed to tie up the loose ends with… a loose cannon.

President Mark Cuban: We lobbied the guy on Twitter to but the Mets. Our partners at RugbyWrapUp.com have pestered him about buying a rugby team or league. But now, with the Election 2016 dust settled, we’re calling for him to run against Andrew Cuomo & Chris Cuomo, Incumbent Trump, Paris Hilton and a too-old Mike Bloomberg in 2020. Let’s call it the Reverse Hindsight Race.  Granted, the Cuomo Bros. will be hard to beat, and Hilton will only be razed by Kim Kardashian’s non-endorsement. But… the feeling here is that a Cuban Presidency would be the perfectly ironic plot twist in the Greek Tragedy that is American Politics. President Cuban would be, after all, a more palatable version of President Trump.

That’s all for now… Feel free to weigh in below and come back for the inimitable Cheesy Bruin, who is still being a diva and apparently too important to comment during the week! [Ahem]… And please follow us on Twitter  @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

WAIT!!! Before we go, we leave you with this Common Sense from today’s Thomas Paine: Dave Chappelle.

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