Grinding Ax Edition: March Madness, Korean Olympics, Browns, Trump

Grinding Ax Edition: March Madness, Korean Olympics, Browns, Trump
Grinding Ax Edition: March Madness, Korean Olympics, Browns, Trump
One likes the Mets.

NORTH PYONGYANG –  March Madness takes on a whole new meaning today as President Donald Trumps even the NCAA Tournament. The bidding for cable rights will be intense as The Apprentice Korean Edition will soon be filming at a place to be determined. Little Rocket Man Kim Jong Un v Donald Trump is sure to be the HUGEST Summit Ever!  News of this diplomatic contest sent the stock market up up and away!

In other news, the Cleveland Browns appear to be making a run towards legitimacy by wheeling and dealing. They traded mid -round picks for Jarvis  LandryDeShone Kizer was dealt to the Green Bay Packers for cornerback Damarious Randall and Tyrod Taylor is acquired for a bag of chips.  With the first and fourth picks in next months NFL Draft, the Dog Pound Browns may just sneak into the race in the AFC North Saquon Barkley is the obvious best player in draft.  Adding him to a backfield with Duke Johnson to compliment a Receiving  Corp of Josh Gordon and Landry will result in some wins. Let’s add Richard Sherman, a pass rusher, offensive lineman and now your contending. Draft your future QB and suddenly there is a future.

Big East Basketball is as good as ever!  With the Big Ten and ACC playing their tournaments in the Big Apple, it’s obvious that they are feeling the effects of the influence that the new Big East Conference has with recruits from  the tristate and beyond. Upsets are not surprising as the competition is intense.  As I write this, Providence upends Xavier after trailing by seventeen and Villanova mauled Butler, setting the stage for another epic final at MSG.  When the bids come out,  don’t be shocked to see six or seven teams from this conference dancing.

Hockey Night in America ! Well, not in New York.  I have been holding out writing about the Rangers, cringing at what this team had become over the past six months.  I told you so.  Rick Nash ruined this team both on the ice and off it. His contract paralyzed payroll which prohibited the team to sign quality. While I ageee that something needed to be done, constantly trading away the captain of the squad is disturbing.  King Without a Crown Henrik Lundqvist should have been dealt two years ago and now we are stuck with him. So the Tampa Bay Lightning strike again .  McDonagh  and Callahan were the heart and soul of the team but that means nothing to Sather and Company.  Rebuild in progress…..

Rugby News-  just kidding.

Thats is for me. Chime in with your delusional point of view and be sure to come back Sunday for the Heywood Hale Broun of MTM, Cheesy Bruin. 

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