Rain Man Rants: NFL News, Cleveland Browns And NCAA Tournament

Rain Man Rants- NFL News, Cleveland Browns , Meet_The_Matts, NCAA Tournament

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I should have been done with this piece much earlier but I got caught up with trying to correct people in the politics section of two separate internet sports forums. You wouldn’t believe the number of idiots there are on the Internet (no wise cracks!). But lucky for me I had most of it in my head already, so I just had to plug into the formula. In case you are here for the first time the formula is the Song of the Week – followed by Sports Stuff. In today’s mix: NFL News, Cleveland Browns And The NCAA Tournament.

Rain Man Rants- NFL News, Cleveland Browns , Meet_The_Matts, NCAA Tournament

Song of the Week: I always liked the rap group Nappy Roots, since their first album “Watermelon, Chicken and Grits.” They are a bunch of proud southern boys with a huge slice of black awareness. I didn’t listen to their follow-up albums as much as the first one. However, when watching “The Secret Life of Pets” for the umpteenth time (my kid loves that movie), I noticed the song played in the movie sounded like them but wasn’t sure. I looked it up and, voila, it was them. So this week’s Song of the Week is Good Day by Nappy Roots.

NFL News: Man! Did Angry Ward’s Minnesota have a busy week. They signed Kirk Cousins and shipped out all three QBs from last season. They sent Sam Bradford to Arizona, making Bradford the QB most paid to have accomplished less, EVER. Teddy Bridgewater went to my NY Jets and Case Keenum to the Denver Broncos. These days in the NFL you need two good QBs to last a season, so I am not sure who they will find on the scrap heap as a back-up but if Keenum can succeed, I think Mark Sanchez will do… Sammy Watkins went to the Chiefs, so that the KC Chiefs will have the some serious weapons for their second year QB Patrick Mahomes… The Miami Dolphins have taken the saw to their roster, cutting big names like Ndamukong Suh and Mike Pouncey, so they are doing the whole cut or trade players and tank for a year to get high/loads of draft picks… Final big news is Jordy Nelson signs for the Raiders. He doesn’t seem enough of a delinquent to be a Raider.

Cleveland Browns: There is this new slang in the urban vernacular called “I see you.” It is reserved for when you find out a friend is doing good things. Like Archduke Folliceless of Shortston and his pretty awesome rugby show. You would “Ok, mini-Matt, I see you.” That right buddy, I see you working hard and slowly blowing up. It is not going unnoticed. I bring that up because I want to say, “Hey, Cleveland Browns, I see you.” They traded for Jarvis Landry and Tyrod Taylor. They are now close to adding Carlos Hyde and will likely draft Shaquon Barkely with the first 1st overall pick and have the 4th overall pick. They seem to have found a GM that actually knows what he is doing. It is a scary concept. The one down-side is that they are losing OT Joe Thomas to retirement. He played 10 years for a team that never had a winning season though he was one of the best int he business. He is likely to enter Canton and challenge Archie Manning as one of the best players on bad teams in the history of the game. 

NCAA Tournament: I hate the exploitation of the kids but man this tournament has been crazy. Mini Matt’s alma mater – SUNY Buffalo – sent shock waves on the first night by knocking off a team, Arizona, many thought could win it all. Then Virginia becomes the first ever #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed. It is madness and despite how much hate that the kids aren’t paid, as a sporting event it is one of the best in the world. Anybody can beat anyone and that is so much fun to watch.

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