Relaxed Ward Wednesday: Unwritten Rules, Unbreakable Records, Pitching Around the Yanks


PALM BEACH, FL – Enjoying Spring Break with the family down in sunny Florida while friends in NYC are hitting me with a barrage of texts featuring photos of snow. Looks pretty… awful. While I can’t quite match that in the “misery loves company” department, I did have to go to a Walmart the other day, which was fairly awful. Anyway, I could have told Management that I was on vacation and shirked my duties this week (*cough* DJ Eberle *cough*), but I think I can manage a few words before pouring myself a Goslings Rum.


Some Unwritten Baseball Rules Suck. I just read that the Minnesota Twins were upset with Chance Sisco (oof, what a name) of the Baltimore Orioles after he bunted his way on against a 9th-inning shift with the Twins up 7-0. To that I say, screw the Twins. I don’t care what the score or inning, if a team is going to put on a shift and leave the left side of the infield wide open, hitters SHOULD counter by laying one down! For the record, the Orioles did end up loading the bases after Sisco’s bunt. Anyway, quit your whining and play ball.

Jay Walking. After getting smacked around the first two games of the season by the New York Yankees and their terrifying offense, it looks like the Toronto Blue Jays came up with a plan. They decided to walk Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge and let the rest of the Yanks try to beat them (like last night vs the Rays). It worked pretty well, too! Does it stink for the fans? Of course. Is it funny for everyone who doesn’t like the Yankees. You betcha! It’s not sustainable, of course, but, moving forward, it will be fun to see how various teams go about playing the Bombers.

Aaron_Judge, Giancarlo_Stanton, Meet_The_Matts, Pull my finger

The Unassailable 56-Game Hitting Streak. Like everyone else, I know that Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak will most likely never be broken, but there’s a big part of me that REALLY wants it to happen. The spectacle of a player in this era taking aim at the record will be great theater, of course. But I’m more concerned by how pissed off DiMaggio’s Ghost would be. That guy held onto his accolades and records like he did his pennies. The fact that he insisted on being introduced as “the greatest living ballplayer” is reason enough to want to see this record fall. So, c’mon Jose Altuve, Charlie Blackmon, Ender Inciarte, and everyone else, try to focus on bringing Joltin’ Joe down.

That’s all for me. Time for a brewski and a swim. Come back tomorrow for Buddy Diaz, who may still be talking about the Knicks. Who knows?

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