Amazin-ly Awful Mets, Jittery Jets, Penquins Playoffs Prowess

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INDIANA, PA – Greetings, once again, from Jimmy Stewart’s home town. It’s a quiet, pretty slice of Americana, similar to Bedford Falls, the site of George Bailey’s redemption in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” And redemption is the Thread Du Jour on this sunny Saturday. Let’s see how it applies to the Amazin-ly Awful Mets, Jittery Jets, Penquins Playoffs Prowess

Amazin-ly Awful Mets

Putrid. Pathetic. Ponderous. Pick your poison, all three of these terms apply to the piss-poor New York Mets. 3-7 in their last 10, despite some brilliant pitching by their starters and surprising bullpen. In those ten games, they have scored 17 runs. Of those runs, 4 came in a 16-4 loss in which they placed disgraceful defense. 4 others came in a 4-0 blanking of the Nats, who they shut out twice. Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil, the team’s two best hitters not named J.D. Davis, are hitting under .200 – and look especially meek in the process. Pitchers are getting tagged with losses while allowing NO earned runs, the 2-6 hitters only swing for the fences and situational hitting is, like bipartisan politics, ancient history. Hold onto your hats, here comes the free-fall. And yet, amazin-ly, I can’t fully tune these guys out. [Cue the intervention music].

Jittery Jets

The smoke is clearing from all the NFL Draft War Rooms and we have learned two things: 1) Draft experts know NOTHING 2) Of the top 5 QBs taken, odds are only 1 will be a franchise type player… And thus begins another hold-your-breath, scratch-your-head seasonĀ  of jitters for fans of teams like the NY Jets. Call me crazy, but I think Da Bears may have gotten this one right, as did the Frisco 49ers – for different reasons… Chicago may simply have gotten the best QB of the bunch – a guy that like an hour ago was being equal to, or better than, Trevor Lawrence… Out west, the San Fran took the raw talent/big upside guy, while keeping their incumbent. THAT is what the Jets should have done. They should have kept Sam Darnold and let Zach Wilson hover in the wings to achieve one of the following:
A) Learn and acclimate behind him
B) See Darnold blossom
C) Force Darnold to the bench

They’d have a much better shot at having a legit QB this way. The eggs-in-one-basket approach has failed NFL teams 90% of the time with 1st round QB picks. Bing it.

Speaking of Bing… how about that Crosby?

Penquins’ Playoffs Prowess

Say what you want about that Sid Crosby, but 15 consecutive years in the playoffs is pretty damned good. In that span, he’s gotten his name on Lord Stanley’s Cup three times. Why in the hell am I touting a Penguin while my fellow Rangers fans are lamenting a lost playoff opportunity? Because I’m a stones throw from Pittsburgh and their Pens, Penn State and Steelers, silly! Each team’s stuff is all over the in-law house. Regardless, it’s quite an accomplishment for a small market team in professional sports and Sid The Kid is a huge part of it.

Speaking of huge parts, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, after commenting below… And have a look at this. It may make you giggle.

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