Five Best Sports Quotes of the Summer

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NEW YORK, NY – With the humidity over 90% and the sun baking the blacktop, NYC is downright balmy. You could pretty much cook on the concrete, if so inclined. And since cooking up stuff is what we do in Mattsville, here’s what we’re offering on today’s menu: Five Best Sports Quotes of the Summer

5) “I felt good at 2nd base.” Danny Mendick, an infielder, after allowing 8 runs in the 8th inning in mop-up duty vs the Braves yesterday. Mind you, he also pitched the 8th inning last week vs Kansas City. It’s important to note that your team must be trailing by 8 runs or more before a position player is allowed to pitch. Well done, Mets!

4) “I do think we do have the talent and the capabilities. Saying it is one thing. Watching it lately hasn’t been anything close to what you’d feel comfortable with.”Brian Cashman, Yankees GM.

Pfft. It was all we could do to not quote Aaron Boone here.

3) “I’m excited about going into Washington and giving them some Capital punishment.”Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner and Top 10 Sports Douche, commenting on the sale of the Commanders.

2) “I still owe two people on Twitter a one-on-one. Gunz Show and dude from Barstool, David Portnoy (Barstool president)… I have no personal issues with them. … I’m gonna use these guys as examples when these guys start talking out the side of their f—ing mouth about my craft and my career.”Kyrie Irving

Does this mean we can get one-on-ones with him, too? Where does he draw the line? Maybe he’s setting a precedent here. Maybe us sports pundits will have to go up against any athlete we single out in their sport! I know my response to this is, “Bring it, biatch! Wait, attorneys and insurance execs are flooding our phone bank. Way to go, Kyrie.

1) “We get some people out there [on the bases], we just can’t make it work for us.”Buck Showalter, after his Amazins lost 21-3 at home versus arch rival Atlanta. Give Buck credit (pun intended), he’d find something positive to say to Mrs. Lincolnat the theater – about John Wilkes Booth after he shot her husband.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment below.

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