Chris Long Supports Jenkins, Stanton After Roger Marris, Lewd Sports Fans

Chris Long supports Malcom Jennings... Giancarlo Stanton chasing Roger Maris. MeetTheMatts.comEL BARRIO, EL BRONX – It has been almost a month since I last graced these pages. I hope you have missed me as much as I missed you guys. Having become a regular pinch hitter, first bat of the bench if you will, it felt weird being unable speak with my fans. There has been plenty of sports news that deserved the MTM treatment but I didn’t have time, now that I do, it is time to hit you with those stories in my tried and true format. . The usual formula is a Song of the Week before we get to the Sports Stuff  then the sports. The sports this weekend is Long supports Jenkins, Giancarlo Stanton says Marris is the HR Kin and Lewd Sports Fans.

Song of the Week:  So there is a show on Netflix called F is for Family. It is a pretty funny adult comedy cartoon in the Family Guy line of comedy. The theme song to this show is Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love.” As my daughter is too young to actually understand what is going on, I will watch the show while she is playing in the living room. It turns out she likes the theme song. So I dig in my phone find the whole song and she loves bopping her head, bouncing and occasionally clapping to the song. So now this is one of her new favorite songs. So without further adieu, here is Redbone’s catchy tune:

Long and Jenkins: We are having a tough week as a nation. After Charlottesville, it is hard to know where we go as a nation. In a bit of uplifting news, it appears supporting each other is turning out to be a good idea. Malcolm Jenkins of  Buddy Diaz’s Philadelphia Eagles – has held a clenched fist in the air during the National Anthem this season. Jenkins does it as a show of a support for Colin Kaepernik; a statement that has left many a political leader none too pleased. At the latest pre-season game, however, Charlottesville native Chris Long put his arm around his teammate as Jenkins held his fist in the air. It may be minor but at this point there is no such thing as minor support.

Stanton Going After Maris: Not sure he needed it but if he is trying to win over, ol- timers, traditionalists and journalists, Giancarlo Staton is doing it. Sitting on 40 homers with the home run record in sight, Stanton stated that to him 61 is the human record. He has completely chosen to ignore Sosa and MacGuire’s juiced-up record and gone back to the original record of 61 by Roger Marris. I don’t think any true baseball fan can argue with him on this fact. It is also refreshing to hear a player say something the league officers don’t have decency to say. Best of luck getting to Mr. Maris’ record, Mr. Stanton.

Lewd NY Sports Fans: Courtesy of the MTM Facebook page this week, I was treated to video of some lewd activity on a NYC train by some Yankee fans. You can check out the page for the footage, if you really need to see. The thing that struck me is this is the second time Yankee fans have been caught in the act. They were always low class to me but I never thought they would stoop to the level of Bills fans (see left). Bills fans have been know to do what those Yankee couples did in a parking lot. I just wonder what has happened to the quality of NY Fans. At least my NY Jets will not be caught in such lewd acts.

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