Labor Day Weekend Ends Miserable Sports Summer, Starts NHL, MLB Playoffs, Kershaw Flop

Cam James, Matt McCarthy, Rugby Town USA, Rugby Wrap Up, Meet The Matts

Clayton Kershaw Flop? MeetTheMatts.comDENVER, CO – It’s Labor Day Weekend and that means summer is coming to a close.  Frankly, I can’t wait for it to be over… from a sports perspective.  For the past three months, the majority of the over-worked, underpaid, over-sauced MTM cohorts have been scrambling to put pen to paper with nothing more to fuel the ship than mediocre baseball, an anemic NFL preseason and annoying NBA off-season gossip. Personally, my writer’s block better that the Jets will this season.  Speaking of the Jets….I think Ben Whitney has put about four thousand five-plus letter words into the J-E-T-S this summer when the average Jets fan has used four-letter words about five thousand times  to describe the team and written nothing.

The pain doesn’t stop there.  As you read this, the summer has literally become more laborious for yours truly. The other day,  ninety degree heat, I was holding a boom mic for Short Matt as he plugs that other sports website he has.  This is why I’m cashing in my white pants a week early and looking forward to what fall has to offer in the sports world.

Cam James, Matt McCarthy, Rugby Town USA, Rugby Wrap Up, Meet The Matts
Rugby Town 7s. A team from Fiji collected the $10,000.00 check. Short Matt did NOT write it.

First off, I am looking forward to the Dodgers blowing the season in the first round of the playoffs.  When I watch them, I see the 2001 Mariners or the 2001 Athletics.  Wins are wins.  That being said 116 or 102 of them won’t win a ring.  As a dedicated, Cardinals, I know well how Kershaw reacts under pressure.  He is as untrustworthy a pitcher as I have ever seen in the clutch.  In May he throws to contact.  In October he feels like he needs to win the game himself and ends up getting close only to lose to a complex game plan.  This is why he is 4-7 with a 4.55 era in nine postseason starts.  When the Dodgers lose game 1 of the NLDS to the D-Backs, their doom will be ensured as they will lose game 3 with Greinke on the mound opposite whomever isn’t hurt in their 3 spot at the time.

Secondly, I am looking forward to Hockey. My Blues might as well all have pacifiers in their mouths and cages from juniors on their helmets but I am still ready for the damp chill of the ice and a beer that isn’t boiling five minutes after it’s poured in the hot summer sun. However, I am not looking forward to hockey officiating.  Last year may have been the year the NHL became the mafia.  Calls were bought and paid for all over the ice throughout the playoffs and for me it was a major detractor to the game.  I thought the NHL would be go the way of the NBA but you can nearly bet on a giveback call happening within two minutes of a legit penalty in order to even the minutes.

Thirdly, the new season of Game of Thrones will be over.  I will be able to once again have water cooler conversations with people without feeling like I need to hit the self proclaimed Lannister with the banister, I so want to rip off the wall and shove down this person’s throat.  Of course with my luck J.K. Rowling will put a teaser out for a new….anything…. and I will trade a Lannister for a muggle and be equally annoyed.

Fourthly, yeah there was a “fight” the other night that you may recall.  If you paid for it you were just proving P.T. Barnum correct.  I predicted Mayweather would win in a K.O… He had to settle for a TKO but admitted he was extending the fight for the masses.


Dumb Sh!t John Elway Would Say: The Broncos offered Kaepernick a job.  We thought he would run at the opportunity but he passed…  Coaches didn’t see it coming.

Happy September, everyone. Come back tomorrow for more happiness with Dick Guzzinya or – hopefully – Grinding Ax Walter Hynes. And you can find us on Twitter – @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts.

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