Angry Ward: Football, Film Awards, Todd Frazier Signs with Mets

David_Wright, Todd_Frazier, Meet_The Matts

BRONX, NY – Another football season in the books. This one ended almost perfectly for these f**ked times in which we live: a relentless offensive assault waged between opponents nobody wanted to see, culminating in the city of Philadelphia being trashed by hordes of green-clad baboons, while one grateful celebrant dropped to his knees and gave thanks for his team’s glorious victory by eating from a pile of horsesh!t. It felt right. Tomorrow they throw a parade that will be deemed a rousing success if only a handful of people die, and all the p*ssies who didn’t party hard enough to get arrested will most likely gather for a pagan c!rcle jerk around the statue of their city’s beloved fictional white boxing hero. I used to dread February. This year? Bring it the f**k on. Only by embracing the impossibly cold dark days ahead can we hope to find those soft spots where we can ride out our crippling depression.

Angry Ward Wednesday: Football, Film Awards and Todd Frazier Signs with Mets, Meet_The_Matts
Short Matt and Cam Purcell mix it up with Philly fans.

My Capsule Review of Super Bowl LII. It’s a shame someone had to win.

Pitchers and Catchers. Check your calendars, it’s almost time for New York Mets pitchers to report and start working in earnest towards their season-ending arm and shoulder surgeries.

Academy Awards. The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4th and celebrate Hollywood’s least-rapiest stars, as far as we know. Should be quite a night.

The Winter Olympics. Won’t be the same without Donald Trump’s favorite team, Russia, competing. Blame Obama and Hillary and #FailingNBC.

NBA and NHL. Why should we care? No, seriously, I’m anxious to hear your arguments.

David_Wright, Todd_Frazier, Meet_The Matts
Wright Hallucinations: “Third is mine, you mother f*****! I’m the f***** Captain!”

Mets Sign Todd Frazier. Of course they did. Because $17 million over 2 years is a BARGAIN for a guy who struggles to hit .220. This really is a win-win. Todd Frazier gets paid millions for no reason and David Wright gets to feel like, even with stenosis and not having played baseball in 2 years, he can still somehow come back and claim his job from THIS guy.

That’s it for me today. I’ve got a glass of bourbon somewhere with my name on it. Come back tomorrow for Buddy Diaz, who will pen a thank you note to Jesus for granting Nick Foles the power to vanquish Captain Kale and the Patriots. And you can find us on Twitter at @Angry_Ward, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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