Big Ben Tuesday: Go With It or Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t – Week One Knee-Jerks

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STAMFORD, CT – Week 1 of the NFL season is usually pretty tough to predict. Throw in no preseason, no fans, players opting out, and plenty of player and coach movement, and this one was even tougher. We saw some expected dysfunctional teams looking quite functional (Jax, Wash), some powerhouses looking powerful (NO, Balt, KC), some big comebacks (Chi, Wash), and the F@cking Patriots looking like the F@cking Patriots. Not to mention one GOAT looking like he needs to be sent out to pasture. But I have some good news. I’m here to help you separate the fact from fiction, the legit from the counterfeit, and the veracity from the hyperbole, with the first even installment of Go With It or Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t… Let’s get to it.

The cheerleaders are consistent. The offense is not.

Dallas Will Underachieve

I was surprised by all the pundits who didn’t think offensive PI should have been called on Michael Gallup on the key play late in the game. Ramsey was running stride for stride and was in his back pocket. Gallup extended his arm Ramsey went upright. Without the push, that’s an incomplete pass. The extended arm is almost always a call.

This version of the Cowboys looks a lot like the old version. This team seems destined to put it together for short stretches but never really live up to the potential of the talent they have on offense. It’s early, but I’m wondering if the Lamb pick could have been better spent in the trenches.

Go With It

Brady is Finished

It’s obviously tough playing in a new offense for the first time in forever, with no preseason, against a solid defense that added some big pieces in the secondary. But Tompa Brady did not look comfortable. I’m not buying it yet, but he did not look good.

It will be interesting to if Brady’s image will be tarnished a bit if he has a terrible year. Even though he’s 43 and it might not be fair, some of us might be saying “yeah, maybe Belichick deserves a lot of the credit.” Matt Cassell was Exhibit A. Jimmy Garropolo is starting to look like Exhibit B. And if Brady tanks this year and Cam leads the Pats on a playoff run, we might have enough evidence to rest our case. We’ll see if Tampa Brady can rebound.

Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t

The Pats Will Win the AFC East…Again

The Pats’ staff sure does know how to get the most out of players’ skill sets. Cam will surely crumble into dust if they run him that much every game, but the foot did not look like an issue. Expect the Pats to try to get by with defense, a running game, and getting Cam outside the pocket.

The Bills looked like a solid team against the Jets, but I’m not convinced. Allen’s throw 10 feet over Brown’s head, when he was alone in the end zone was brutal. His accuracy is still a concern and the running game looks pretty dependent on him too. They could have blown the Jets out but Allen had two fumbles and they had two missed FGs to go with the missed gimme TD pass. I think this division will be a tight battle with both teams possibly going 4-0 against Miami and the Jets. It could come down to the second meeting and I’m not betting against Billy B…Well, anymore.

Go With It

Meet_The_Matts, Adam_Gase, Kyler Murray, Josh_Allen, Giants, Ben_Whitney
Dead Man Walking Gase… Plus, no truth to the rumor that Giselle shut off the Bucs game to focus on young Kyler Murray, as Tom tarnished his legacy.

The Colts Will Contend

Philip Rivers is a first half QB. He always ends up with plenty of passing yards but rarely seems to get it done with the game on the line. He doesn’t look calm in those situations and does not have ice water in his veins. What’s the opposite of that? He has molten lava running through his veins? Anyway, it’s also a bad sign that Gardner Minshew only had one incomplete pass. Everyone’s Super Bowl¬† sleeper might not even make the playoffs.

Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t

The NFC East is Wide Open

Carson Wentz got smacked around and the Washington Football Team (so stupid) looks like it has a defense, but Haskins will hold them back. The Cowboys look to be inconsistent again. Though I write before Giants’ tussle with the Steelers, things are looking up for the New York Giants. I hate the Xavier McKinney injury, but I remain cautiously optimistic that they will be better. The team has a ton of new starters from last year, which is no doubt a good thing. A lot of youngsters have to make big jumps for this team to threaten .500, but hey, win or lose, they’re in at least second place!

Go With It

The Ravens and Chiefs Are an AFC Championship Game Lock

Barring injury, this is a fact. Who is even the third best team? New England? The Bills? The Titans maybe? The Chiefs rookie hyphen RB seems like he will make that offense even more dynamic. And if Lamar takes even a small step forward, the Ravens will be really tough.

Go With It

The NFC is a Wider Field

I’m buying on the Saints. They added some nice pieces to the secondary, Sanders is a quality add opposite Thomas, the play calling is creative, and this looks like a complete team. I’m not totally buying Seattle yet, the Falcons D could be horrendous. A pissed off A-Rodg is the best A-Rodg and rumors of his demise were exaggerated. The Cowboys could put it together in theory. The 49ers looks like they took a step back and it seems like they don’t have a lot of faith in Jimmy G.

Go With It

Good call.

Adam Gase will Finish the Season as the Jets Head Coach

Hahahahahaha. That’s a good one. Hahahahahah. I’m not sure this guy could coach my dog Chief into eating a steak. At this point, the half way mark looks unlikely. Cue Alicia Keys because that seat is on Fi-yire.

Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t

Baker Mayfield is Not That Good

I won’t kick him to the curb yet, maybe the Ravens D had a lot to do with his performance. But after a pretty brutal year last year, he can’t afford another one. He seems to be losing some of his trademark cockiness. He’s got plenty of weapons. Why could old Eli Manning get the ball to Odell but the Browns can’t? Three catches for 22 yards on ten targets. That looks painfully familiar. I’ll give him the rest of the year before this Baker is cooked.

Nah, That’s Horse Sh!t

Have we made learning anything? No, but that’s my time. Come back tomorrow for a guy who loves the smell of horse sh!t in the morning, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts

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