Memorial Day Weeknd Sports IQ Test

NEW YORK, NY – It’s Memorial Day Weekend and while gas prices soar, the adult beverages flow and the heat rises, maybe your cognitive powers may dip. But here’s a  Memorial Day Weeknd Sports IQ Test to keep you sharp and make you look smart around the BBQ.

Superman or Super Man?
A: Superman
B: Super Man

Super Bowl, Superb Owl or Superbowl?
A: Super Bowl
B: Superb Owl
C: Superbowl

Who lost the aforementioned “Big Game” this year?
A: Tampa Bay
B: Los Angeles
C: Cincinnati

De Grom, deGrom or De Gromb?
A: De Grom
B: deGrom
C: De Gromb

Who is the Padres 2nd baseman?
A: Jared Wright
B: Jacob Cronenworth
C: Colton Wong

Who is the incumbent Featured RB for the Los Angeles Rams?
A: Cam Purcell
B: Claude Aikens
C: Cam Akers

Who is the Captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning?
A: Hubit Chakockoff
B: Gilles Villamure
C: Steven Stamkos

Is it Home Plate or Homeplate?

A: Home Plate
B: Homeplate
C: Yes

Is it Match-Up or Matchup:
A: Match-Up
B: Matchup
C: None of the above

How far is it from Home to Second?
A: 90 feet
B: 180 feet
C: 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches
D: Depends on where you live

There. Come back tomorrow for Different Matt or Cam James… and the answers.

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