Keith Hernandez, Baker Mayfield, Cowboys and Duane Brown

A Baker, Smoker and Lineman enter a bar...

NEW YORK, NY – It was a wild week in the sports world, from tennis (sorry to see Nadal injured) to hoops (Google the Nets) to the diamond and the NFL with guns. We even had the lights go out last night in Santiago, Chile during the rugby monsoon mud-fest between Team USA and Chile in a Rugby World Cup qualifier. But you don’t have time to talk about everything so we’ll start with: Keith Hernandez, Baker Mayfield, Cowboys and Duane Brown.

Keith Hernandez

It’s crazy to think that a whole generation on Mets fans only know Keith Hernandez as the eccentric baseball savant that shares the broadcast booth with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. And while being a member of the world’s best broadcast trio is a fine achievement, it pales in comparison to how Keith’s revolutionizing play at first base and clutch hitting impacted the Cardinals, Mets and all of baseball, really. Yet, there are those who only know him as a color guy extraordinaire in the booth, who’ll often speak of white zinfandel, ice cream on the bench in Sag Harbor and his fur coat. He was, though, a wonderful player to watch. Indeed, he was the complete ballplayer; a consummate pro’s pro that quarterbacked the defense and feasted on pressure at bats. The late/great Tom Seaver referred to his graft as a pitcher as his “art.” If Tom Terrific (not you, Brady, sit down) was the Rembrandt of hurlers, painting the corners, then Mex was the Picasso of corner infielders – or certainly of any first baseman in MLB history.

Fortunately, he is with us day in and day out in the baseball’s best booth.

Cowboys and Duane Brown
Duane Brown, the Pro Bowl OT recently of Seattle, was arrested at LAX for trying to get a concealed weapon through the TSA checkpoint. That’s a tad dumb. Not as dumb, however, as the Dallas Cowboys, who are partnering with Black Rifle Coffee Co…. They announced the bulletproof  liaison on social media. Blends include AK-47 Espresso, Silencer Smooth and Murdered Out. Oh, and the announcement came the day after seven people died in a shooting at a Fourth of July parade in suburban Chicago. Well done, Dallas!

Baker Mayfield

I am officially rooting for this guy now, as the unnecessary potshots are leaking from the Cleveland Browns. These are the same Browns that Mayfield got to the playoffs after decades of sucking. Cleveland sports journalist Jason Lloyd wrote that the Browns characterized Mayfield as, “…childish and immature. His behavior annoyed teammates and divided the locker room. He was often difficult to coach.” Moreover, they wanted an “adult” at QB. Really? One could argue that new signal-caller Watson’s behavior has been immature, what with accusations of sexual assault from two dozen Houston-area massage therapists. Just sayin’… Go Baker! Beat out McCaffrey as Comeback Player of the Year!

That’s it for me. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber.

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