Angry Ward Wednesday: It’s All Good with the Yankees, the Nets, and the NFL!

BRONX, NY – If you’re at all like me (and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone), you get worn out seeing the same storylines play out over and over and over again. You know what I mean? Tired old saws like: STUPID PERSON IN FLORIDA DOES SOMETHING STUPID and ZION WILLIAMSON INJURED and BALD GUY IN ORANGE SPORTS COAT MAKES JACKASS OF SELF. But right now in the world of sports, were getting some interesting new stuff going on, and it’s good. Let’s take a look at some of these developing scenarios.

Yankees. Since Ben Whitney wrote about them at length yesterday, the Yanks seemed like the perfect place to get started. What’s Good?: The Yankees got their heads handed to them in four straight by the Astros. Shutting down all Yankee fan hope from the get-go is not something you see every day… or ever, really. They live to talk sh!t. I live in the Bronx and experienced a lovely week of bucolic radio silence during the #ALCS. Seriously, you could hear a roach fart. What’s Even Better?: The Yankees go into the offseason with tons of questions and fans frothing at the mouth over all of it. Fire Boone? Fire Cashman? Sign Judge? Let Judge Walk? Hire Jeter to run Baseball Ops? Hire Mattingly to Manage? Disappear Randy Levine off the planet? It’s going to be a great offseason for Yanks fans and haters alike. As Waldman would say: “That’s baseball, Jawn!”

Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn hasn’t produced this many laughs since the Kramdens and Nortons lived at 328 Chauncey Street. What’s Good?: The Nets are off to a 1-2 start. Yay! What’s Even Better?: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving—two guys who tried to get traded and/or get their coach and GM fired—are still on the Nets with the same coach and GM. Wheeee! Fun! Hear me now, I don’t care if the Nets rip off a 20-game winning streak starting tonight (don’t worry, they won’t) this will not end well for them. I have no beef with Ben Simmons, but I can’t wait for Kyrie to either mentally or physically check out (probably both) and then watch Durant play out the string like a guy being forced to watch a Caillou marathon at Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.

The NFL. OMG, where does one even begin with this season? What’s Good?: So many blessings. My lousy Vikings are 5-1, and really not anything close to good, but still in first. This week they padded their NFC North lead by NOT playing. A weekend without Kirk Cousins. Hallelujah! These are truly special times. Oh, the Giants and Jets are off to similar puzzlingly-good starts and giving their equally-hapless fans hope. That’s just great! What’s Even Better?: Of course we’re all enjoying Tom Brady’s sad Last Tango in Tampa, but that pales in comparison to the Aaron Rodgers Schadenfreudepalooza I’m experiencing right now. It’s off the charts! I’m looking forward to this coming Sunday night’s Packers @ Bills game the way some palookas look forward to beautiful sunset. Lots of other fun games this week, as we get to see the Rams and Niners square off in LA, the Giants visit Geno Smith in Seattle, and the Patriots (who got crushed by the #Bears Monday) take on the #Jets. As always, we expect some Cowboys drama to develop in the coming weeks as well.

Okay, think that’s it for this week. What’s Good?: I’m done! What’s Even Better?: Buddy Diaz is back tomorrow.

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