Breaking Mets News: Bidding Opens Up. Cohen Back At Table. Jimmy Kimmel 30 for 30 on ’86 Mets

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COVIDIA, USA – Welcome to Friday folks. We’ve made it through another week without being besieged by Boogaloo Bois and Karens, congratulations! Anyway…

Replacement Matt

As the return of actual sports seems just around the corner, today I bring you news on the mighty New York Metropolitans, the proud NL NYC Ballclub.

Not only do the Metsies stand a chance this season with a possibly rejuvenated (i.e. contract year) Yoenis Cespedes mashing balls over the fence to adoring cardboard cutouts and sex dolls but the team may actually get sold for real this time. The first round of bidding has failed to convince the Wilpons to sell our beloved franchise, with a bevy of low-ball offers and now The Man Who Would Be Payson, lifelong Met fan Steve Cohen, is back in the mix. He seems determined to use his billions to bring pride and joy back to queens and shouldn’t have an issue coming up with the winning offer. He may even get the coveted SNY franchise in the deal and remove the Jeffy Boy 5-year Meddling Clause from the contract. That would be a breath of fresh air for the Flushing faithful, but we will most likely be stuck with Fred and Jeff or A-Rod… or the cheapskate owners of Devils and Sixers. I can’t see the Mets fan base trusting their process.

Jimmy Kimmel, Mets, Meet_The_Matts, Trevor Herrick, Replacement_Matt, Steve_Cohen
Figures he is a Yankee fan.


It was just announced that Jimmy Kimmel who claims to be a Met fan after dumping the Dodgers, will be producing a 30 for 30 doc on the ’86 Mets. I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. That was the greatest team I ever witnessed with my own eyes, except maybe the ’94 Rangers. Should be a classic one folks, particularly if they speak of the unspeakable and show how the brash bad boys of summer’s decadent behavior contributed to their winning their 2nd WS title. It should play as more like a VH-1 Behind The Music episode than a sports documentary. Can’t-Miss TV coming soon!

Speaking of which

Whatever you do, do not succumb to the hype and watch that Hamilton dreck on Disney +. It’s god awful. I don’t understand the hype around it. Give me my high school US History book and start singing it. That’s not talent, that’s not creative. It’s just lame. Why do people have such terrible taste? The notion of the musical is completely lost on me. Either have a play or a concert. Why the need to combine them into one?

Be sure to leave your comments below and come back tomorrow for more fun and adventure with the Rogers & Hammerstein of MTM… a displaced Buddy Diaz.

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