Covid Prop Bets: Which Sport Will Stop Their Season First?

SH*T HOLE COUNTRY, USA – As we enter into Fourth of July weekend and the inevitable spike in cases, I’d like to take a look at prop betting on sports restart and stops that should be coming in the next month or so.
Which Sport Will Stop Their Season First?

NBA 15-1
MLB 25-1
NHL 50-1

The smart money here is on the National Basketball Association. Why? Because they are playing their games in the worst place on Earth – Central Florida. It’s inevitable some mask-less yahoo (looking at you, Angry Ward) will infiltrate the compound and create a super-spreader event in the hotel where several teams are staying and infect the entire league. As the NBA was the first to go down in March, the trend will continue and the association will shut down before the first round of the playoffs is complete. The Brooklyn Nets have already lost half their team. This is easy money folks. Is Vegas/AC taking these bets? They really need to get on board as its the only action the sports books will have this year at all.

Cricket vs Baseball
European Sport kills Replacement Matt?

Major League Baseball will go down shortly after when some Yankees fans break into the Greed House in the Bronx to watch batting practice and infect the entire team, and eventually the league. Look for this in the final week of July. 10 days after the NBA falls.

The National Hockey League has wisely abandoned Vegas and moved its fortunes to Canada, a place where the health of the country has been entrusted to scientists not gun-toting religious zealots. The NHL just might make it to see the Stanley Cup hoisted sometime in August. The league will then have two weeks vacation before the next season begins – and then gets shut down – when the Phoenix Coyotes super-spreader event shuts down the 2021/22 season for good.

You heard it here first. Now download your gambling apps if you are in the state of New Jersey or Nevada and make your account grow.

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Come back tomorrow for Short Matt’s inevitable diatribe about some European sport that no one cares about. ‘Til then, leave your comments below and don’t be a super-spreader… [ahem] JG Clancy.

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